Back in Action

Would you believe it? I went back to the gym today! I had not been since DECEMBER 5! Isn’t that just revolting? I’d wasted nearly 2 months of bloody expensive membership. All I managed was 15 mins on the bike and 15 on the treadmill, both at near-snails pace. My thighs are screaming, "What are you doing to us? We’ve been lazy bastards for so long!". But it had to be done. If I want to have any chance of losing weight, I need to get moving!

It wasn’t as terrifying as I remembered. I always choose the quiet times to go. I remembered not to look in the mirrors. There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing your elephantine physique in a wall of mirror! But I will go again. Tomorrow will be Walk The Dog day, so more gym on Tuesday, methinks.

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