Episode 09 – Food Glorious Food

Oliver Food! It's a topic close to our hearts. And our bellies.

Today we've got nutritionist extraordinaire Kathryn Elliott from Limes and Lycopene to answer your questions with her trademark jargon-free warmth and wisdom.

We discuss:

  • How important is variety in our diet?
  • Is whey powder a good source of protein compared to "real" food?
  • How does grapeseed oil compare nutritionally to olive oil?
  • How many calories should I eat to lose weight?
  • Should I eat before morning workouts?
  • What's the deal with Vitamin D?

Plus there's Greek philosophy, more tutu talk, a truly bumper edition of Blogger News AND a brand spankin' new segment!

(And a bonus really, really cheesy FM Radio-style transition after one segment. Mwahaha!)

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09 Food Glorious Food

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Today's scurvy-free krautrock classic outro tune is Vitamin C by Can, as suggested by Dr G.

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