Two Fit Chicks Episode 19 – Happy birthday to us!

For your aural pleasure!Today Carla and I celebrate a year and a month of podcasting  and vow to look at the calendar properly next year.

We discuss the now-infamous Marie Claire article about the "Big Six" healthy living bloggers, then grill each other on a range of profound topics like lamingtons and the Bravo channel. Carla bemoans a bad back and I slink back to kickboxing class after a long and fearful absence. We talk books, telly and movies and hopes for the future. PLUS, Blogger News!

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8 thoughts on “Two Fit Chicks Episode 19 – Happy birthday to us!

  1. I’m going to save this for my next workout. Love it when a new episode comes out.

    Have to say — Marie Claire says a few bloggers are promoting unhealthy body image and eating habits? “Hello kettle? Pot’s on the line!”

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Been enjoying the podcast since I stumbled upon it’s first episode. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to so many and sharing this journey.