2011 Wrap-Up

Final monthly update on the 2011 New Year Goals.

It’s January 6 and already 2011 feels so last year. Well. You know what I mean! Anyway, a quick wrap-up.

December review:

  • “I have something on every day until Christmas, so the aim is to enjoy the remaining festivities but not go crazy with it.” Whoops. I ate quite a lot over the holiday period. I really enjoyed it though. Hehe.

December highlights:

  • Yoga, Meditation & Mulled Apple Juice – our yoga teacher filled the room with candles for a very chillaxed final class of the year. After the stretchy bit we had clementines, mince pies and hot mulled apple juice. Cosy!
  • Boxing Day Jillian Michaels workout – my sister and I bitched and whined our way through Shed & Shred. Combined with walks and Pilates, I finally killed off the Christmas Of Sloth tradition.

2011 highlights:

I wrote a post on my non-fat blog about the non-fat highlights, but here are the health/fitnessy ones:

  • Not gaining any weight! That might sound lame to you but after the large gains of 2009-10 it feels like progress. There were wobbles in the latter part of the year, and thanks to festive over-indulgence I finished 2011 a whooping… one pound lighter than I started it. I reckon the structured mindfulness-style plan I set out last January is still sound, and with a few tweaks my 2012 task will be to apply it consistently. More on that next time.
  • Cycletta – still can’t believe I road a bike on a road.
  • Pilates – I started class in January, attended consistently all year long and I’m so much stronger in the abba dabba region. Underneath the belly rolls, it’s pure power I tells ya! Now to apply Pilates consistency to other areas of life.
  • Feeling groovy. I feel like I’ve had a brain swap. 2011 was a year of contrasts – zingy highs with some scary lows – and I’ve become much better at dealing with things. It was a good year.

9 thoughts on “2011 Wrap-Up

  1. Sounds like a wonderful year. I think being one pound lighter is a huge achievement!

    Interested to hear more about the whole mindfulness doohickey. Sounds sensible.

    I hope 2012 is an even better year for you!

  2. To go a year without gaining or losing much is HUGE. It’s what I aspire to. Way to go Shauna–here’s to more of the same in 2012!

  3. Huzzah! That yoga class sounds like a great way to wrap up the year.

    One thing I really appreciated about your year (apart from the amazing Up and Running course and ongoing training which I luv) is the monthly check-ins and it is somthing I am going to tweak for myself.

    Looking forward to travelling another year with you, Shauna! May it be fabulous!

  4. Shauna, I finally got your book, and read it cover to cover in no time. Thanks so much for sharing your story with the world. Keep writing!


    @Kate – I was so chuffed to read that. You are a superstar, don’t you know. I can’t wait to read your monthly updates.

    @Cathy – Wow thank you very much for the kind words! And cheers for reading it! 🙂

  6. I got on the scales xmas eve and discovered I was an astounding 100g lighter than on the same day last year. Slow but steady.. slow but steady..

  7. Congratulations on getting through a year of these monthly check ins – I have found them inspiring to read – seeing your struggles and successes has been great because I know only too well that it isn’t easy. Are you going to keep doing the updates in 2012?