Just Like Starting Over

What a week I’ve had, people. It’s amazing how you can just wake up one day and say to yourself, this is MY LIFE and from now on I am going to be in control of it.

I have eaten a shitload of vegetables and fruit. I have stuck to my Points all week. Some days I went a little under by a few, but not enough to be problematic. I haven’t been tempted by chocolate or icecream. We’ve tried out new WW recipes. I’ve been drinking water.

You have no idea how much of an achievement this is for me. Perhaps if I told you what utter PORKERS my sis and I were being before? We’d do okay for awhile then we’d just have a full-on BINGE DAY. This is what we ate the Saturday before last:

  • couple of stray squares of leftover chocolate for breakfast
  • a cheese & bacon roll and 500mL chocolate milk while we went to the movies
  • doner kebab, fries and soft drink for lunch
  • chocolate croissant
  • McDonalds burger, fries and shake for dinner
  • Trifle for desert – consisting of cake, jelly, fruit, custard and whipped cream

So okay, that was not a TYPICAL day. That is what we called our LAST HURRAH DAY, meaning we scoffed into everything we knew we’d have to give up once we joined WW on Monday. But all the same, how bloody disgusting! How devoid of all nutritional value! But we relished it all like it was our last supper.

So just for laughs, we estimated how many points that would have been. We ended up with something like 90 points! Oh my freaking god. I am allowed 26 points a day, my sister 20. We ate in one day enough to feed the whole Von Trapp family, and half of Switzerland too!

But folks, that is no more. We really got into it this week. We actually PLANNED our meals, and I tell you that helps like nothing else. We bought all our food at the start of the week then every night we knew exactly what to eat. We used my WW Quick Eats Cookbook a lot, a leftover from my previous ill attempt at the program. I never actually made anything from it before. But this week we had things like Mandarin Chicken and Veal with Sundried Tomatoes. Mmm mmm! Beautiful, healthy food and easy as pie to cook.

So, anyway, I’m rambling. It’s amazing how groovy I feel after one week. Our meeting was last night, and I hung around to the end to get weighed. Didn’t want anyone seeing them adding the extra weight to that scale! I was feeling hopeful because my lovely sister had hopped on already and she’d lost 1.7 kilos! Considering that she doesn’t have that much to lose, it’s a testament to her hard work last week.

So there I was on the scale again, heart hammering in my chest, just like last week. But this time grinning like an idiot because I KNEW I had to have lost *something*. It look forever for the scales to balance and then the Lecturer started grinning and told me I was the biggest Loser of the week! I’d lost FOUR KILOGRAMS!

HUZZAH! That is 8.8 pounds to you non-metric people. I couldn’t believe it! My sister cheered, and the weigh ladies went crazy. They gave me a sticker for my book and so many words of encouragement I thought I’d burst from happiness.

I’m on my way people. Mark my words 🙂

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