One Day At A Time

I’ve had one previous attempt at a diet journal, last year on Blogspot. I was looking back at my old archives today, from back in September when I thought I could do it all on my own. I joined the gym, jumped on the scales there and thought I weighed 140 kilos, but as we all know now it turns out I weighed far more than those scales’ capacity. So when I was getting all upset coz I wasn’t losing, I probably was losing, the scales simply couldn’t show it!

So I got all disillusioned for nothing, and ended up eating more and gaining more.

But I can’t dwell on that! I DO know how much I weigh now, and I just have to focus on taking that off.

I am doing well this week, Points wise. Sticking to it, and whenever I get the urge to be bad, I’m scoffing down cold water instead. It was 40’C here today, which is about 105’F which means – goddamn hot! So drinking the water isn’t that bad. And sticking to the points isn’t difficult, coz who wants to eat a lot in this weather? I am already worrying what happens when the weather cools down. Will I be able to stick to the program? Or will I submit to my carb cravings and stack it all back on?

Does anyone else find it impossible to take it just one day at a time? My mind is always racing ahead in a panic, and as soon as I have some success I wonder if it is too good to be true, and that it will just come back. It’s a hard thinking pattern to break…

I also need to start exercising. Apart from about 20 minutes walk at lunchtime, I haven’t been doing any. It’s just too bloody hot. I am so unfit that I feel exhausted after a few steps. Not to mention sunburn. It was still 38’C at 6PM. I guess I will just have to get up really early and walk or venture back to the gym. Blah. I really hate exercise, but I know I have to start somewhere.

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