Those Wacky Scales

Last night was my 2nd weigh-in, and what a bizarre experience it was. I knew that I'd had a good week. I ate well, I didn't exercise as much as I could have, but I'd finally ventured back to the gym so I felt good. I wore a pair of pants that two weeks ago felt like I would be cut in half, they were so tight. But now they're just right. I felt lighter on my feet, and a helluva lot happier.

I knew something was wrong when the weigh-in girl was frowning in puzzlement at the scale. At my meeting, it's one of those old-fashioned ones where they have to move along all the little weights and things and make it balance. Old fashioned, but accurate right down to 100 grams. And they can add an extra weight to it to weight huge peoples like moi.

Anyway, she's peering at the scale and peering at my card and shaking her head. Meantime I am panicking wondering if I've gained. She called the lecturer over. The lecturer opens eyes wide in disbelief then tells me to hop off the scale then hop on again. So I did. She re-weighed me. It balanced nicely. She frowned again, and consulted the manual. After 5 minutes of me standing there, they finally said that yes, it was an accurate measurement, but according the reading, I had lost 9.6 kilograms since last week.

9.6 kilograms? That is 21 pounds!

There is no way in hell I could have lost that much in just 7 days. It's just too bizarre!

The staff spent the next ten minutes interrogating me about why this could have happened. A few things we considered:

  • I was wearing the exact same clothes and shoes as the previous 2 weeks, so that was not an issue.
  • The night I joined it was just a few days after my period, so perhaps I was just exceeding porky and full of fluid that night.
  • Last week was very hot weather so some days I was not as hungry. On three days I only had 22 points instead of the 26 I am meant to have for my range, but you'd really think that it wouldn't make *that* much of a difference? (NB to US readers: our points are different here, due to the metric system or some such. 26 is the maximum amount of points here, I know it's a way higher number over there)
  • Perhaps the week I joined two weeks ago, the lecturer did not weigh me properly, and maybe I didn't weigh as much as she recorded down that night?
  • But then again I lost 4 kilos (8.8 pounds) last week, so what's up with that?
  • Maybe I just sweated a lot off in those summer days?

I have no idea, to be honest. It's all so bloody bizarre. It does not make sense at all. At no point in the week did I feel hungry or deprived. I do not starve myself. I am sensible with my food! If anyone has ANY ideas, PLEASE let me know. I know you may think I should be over the moon, but that is an astounding amount of weight to lose in a week and it just does not make sense. Now I am panicking thinking that perhaps since I was down on my points last week, my metabolism is going to be all screwy and I'll end up gaining everything back. I know I have lost *something*, because my clothes are a little looser, and my sister swears my face is less puffy. But not 21 pounds lighter. That's insane!

I guess I will just have to see what happens on the scale next week, and in the meantime I vow to STICK TO MY POINTS, and make sure I eat enough! And as the lecturer told me, I am not allowed to get upset if I show a gain next week after this weeks crazy loss.

BTW, my sister lost 0.5 kg (1.1 pounds) for a total loss of 5 pounds in two weeks! She is doing great. A nice and steady loss! Which is what I want. I am so terrified of it coming back.

And what panicks me the most is that this is only Week 2. It will take 2 years at least to lose all this bulk. It's such a long road, and I am going to have to learn to calm down about it otherwise I will end up screwing up completely.

Yours neurotically,

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