I Dream of Trifle

Well, that title is a lie. I haven't dreamed of trifle in over a week now!

Last weekend I woke up after having a dream about trifle. I don't know if trifle is a particularly Australian thing or not. In case you don't know, let me enlighten you. There's sponge cake on the bottom soaked in sweet sherry. Then there's fruit and jelly (jello). Then there's custard. Then there's whipped cream. Then there's crushed nuts on top.

Then there's about a tub of lard added to your thighs once you've eaten it!

Over Christmas we made about three of these and ate it all between us. Layer upon layer of fatty goodness. But hey, the jelly was diet!

Anyway, in my dream I was eating it. I was munching on a big spoonful of cream and crushed nuts. I woke up and could taste and thought instantly, "I think I'll have some of that leftover trifle for breakfast!"

As I extracted my voluminous butt from the bed I thought, "Oh hang on! There's no trifle! We don't DO trifle anymore!"

I went and had some cereal instead. Groovy.

So I am getting great with the eating thing. I don't even look at the bad stuff lately. It doesn't even occur to me to eat it! I don't want to eat it. I know better know. I know that little wedge of mudcake I was offered at work is 26 points!

It's just the Moving My Arse thing I need to get happening. I am walking a few times a week, but overall I need to move more. I didn't get this big just from bad eating. I basically have been a slug for the past few years. Working at a computer all day doesn't help. Even the most basic household activities get me puffed. So my aim for next week is to just MOVE MORE. Does anyone have any brilliant tips on exercise? Be sure to let me know!

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