Lazy Days

"You have come too far to let a chocolate bar tell you what to do"

A nice little pearl of wisdom from my meeting last night. But how true it is. This week I have been weak (!). I have been soooo tempted by nice fatty things like chocolate milk and fries and icecream. On the whole I was pretty good, but for the last two days of the week I didn’t write in my food journal. I ate too much on Sunday, not enough on Monday. It scares me how close I went to going off the rails!

I have toooo much to lose to go "off the wagon" after just 4 weeks. I am not going back to my old school Eat Like A Pork habits!

As for my Move Yo Ass week, well that was a joke. I had one walk last Tuesday morning and did not do ANY exercise for the rest of the week. I was so busy, but then, I was so LAZY! I read so many dieters journals online and they are chalking up a few miles of exercise a day, and here I am parked on my bed like a beached whale complaining about the heat!

I have two weeks leave from work at the moment, so I really should get to the gym soon. YES! I must! I must!

By the way, I lost 1.9 kilos this week – 4 pounds. I suspect it may be due to not eating enough yesterday, so it means I need to be EXTRA GOOD this week to make sure those scales go in the right direction next time.

Wish me luck, kiddies!

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