Make Haste Slowly

I managed to lose half a kilo this week (1.1 pounds). I say that like it was an accident, but really, I ate just fine. I just *felt* like a total pork. I am bloated and horrible due to my periods imminent arrival.

While I have got the eating thing down, I am still not moving enough. I seem to write this every bloody week? Why does nothing change? Last week I walked the dog once, and went to the gym one. Granted, it was a gruelling hour at the gym and walking my dog is not easy, but it’s not consistent, steady exercise. This little spurts here and there isn’t really going to help me.

I am just so lazy. I am on holidays from work and it’s my first break in 18 months. All I want to do is read and sleep in.


Just feel so blah about everything. Blah blah blah.

In other news, I finally put up my progress chart. I didn’t do this before because I was scared as soon as I put it up there, I’d jinx myself and put all the weight back on. But now I know that it’s only going to go back on if I start eating like a pork again.

It’s all up to me.

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