Shakin’ That Ass

So, this week, I’ve made sure I ate right up to the 26 points instead of way down at 22 or so. But as a result, I have this horrid guilt that I am eating too much. I know that I’m not, but I guess I have some fucked up idea that I should feel deprived if I am going to lose anything! I feel guilt over every mouthful, even though it’s healthy stuff!

But I am working on getting over that. I have been trying new recipes and new foods and really enjoying that.

And exercise! I actually went for a walk two days in a row. No big deal you say, but you have nooooooo idea how unfit I am, and how I huff and puff and complain. On Wednesday I walked the dog for 20 mins, and that is sooo exhausting as he is so small and bouncy and has endless energy. He yanks the leash so I get dragged along! And get exhausted all too quickly!

Last night I ignored his pleading puppy dog eyes and went for a walk on my own. Much more productive! I walked for a good half hour at my own plodding pace. The air was fresh and clean and I felt fan-bloody-tastic. I really must do that more often.

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