Week Four

Today marks the start of my fourth week on WW. Tonight is my weigh-in, I’m nervous and excited, but I don’t want to say anything more and jinx myself.

I do feel a lot better though. Twice on the weekend my sister said to me, “your butt is getting smaller”. Once was when I was walking down the escalator in front of her at the shopping centre. The second time was when I was bent over, butt in air, in front of the fridge yelling, “Where’s the bloody snow peas!?”

I asked her a dozen times not to say such things unless she can REALLY see an improvement, but she assured me she is not bullshitting. Nice, eh?

I also think I’ve lost some weight off my waist. Well, the area commonly known as waist to the rest of the world, but the line between boobs and hips became blurred for me a few years back. Anyway, i’ve lost a bit from there. I kept looking at myself in the mirror at work today, to make sure the fat didn’t creep back on while I wasn’t looking.

There’s so much I want to write about in here, in particular my How I Became A Pork story. I just have to get around to writing it. I hope you will all read it. I am soaking up your support and kindness like a sponge. It’s the understanding that I have so craved over the years.

(Btw, “pork” is my sis and I’s term for being overweight. “Oh look at me, I’m such a pork!” etc etc.)

Oh well. I have to try and take my mind off tonight, I am getting butterflies already and it’s not for another four hours. I will go and do some work for a change, since, after all, I am at work!

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