What Goes Up Must Come Down

Fucking huzzah! I lost a pound!

Excuse my French, oops!

Anyway, a pound may not seem a lot to many, it's 0.4 of a kilogram, but considering the scale said last week that I had lost 9.6 kilos (21 pounds) and I was *certain* that was wrong and I'd gain a few kilos back this week, I have done very well! I have actually lost the weight!

Looks like things will settle down now, which is what I wanted all along. My aim now is to just lose weight nice and slow. My guess is my body went into shock the first couple weeks, thinking, "Where's my chocolate? Where's my chips?" but now it is getting used to the idea of gettin' healthy.

Better still, I actually got up this morning and did some exercise! I took my dog for a brisk 20 minute walk. It's about all the time I could spare in order to get to work on time, but hey, I was actually moving! The air was so clean and fresh and I had far more energy than I do when I walk in the evenings. So let's see if I can get out of bed and do it tomorrow morning.

My little goal for this week is to simply MOVE MY BUTT. Today I actually walked up the stairs instead of taking the lift, it's only three little flights of stairs but they KILL ME everytime, my heart pounds and I puff and huff. But when I got to the top I had a big smile.

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