I'll admit, I had a little tantrum when I "only" lost 0.6 kg (1.3 lb) last night. I guess I was hoping for a bigger loss, due to my ultra good committment and regular exercise. I felt disappointed, because I wanted to get that goddamn extra weight thing off the scale. Then of course the next thought in the spiral is "if it's gonna come off this slow then I'll NEVER be slim."

Blah blah blah, pathetic I know. But then the WW weigh-in chick pointed out that I'd now lost a total of 18 kilos (39.6 pounds) and I felt a little better. Isn't it ridiculous how worked up you can get over a scale?

I guess the little impatient bitch in me thinks the weight should just peel off in big chunks because I am working at it so well. Little Impatient Bitch tends to knock out Sane Sensible Girl who knows the weight needs to come off nice and steady if I have any hope of it staying off for good. Next week, kiddies. I want to get under that 140 kilo mark. I will cry if I don't. Or another little tantrum at least.

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