Two Months

I can't believe it's been two months since I started on this thing. It's gone by pretty quickly.

I'm very happy with the amount of loss according to the scales, but I don't feel that I look much different. My pants are a bit baggy now, and things fit a lot better, but nothing is too big yet. To those people reading who've lost a good chunk of weight, could you please tell me how long it took before there was a visible difference?

I had an okay week, I guess. I didn't exercise enough. I also ate out three times, which doesn't help. Then there was my sisters birthday cake. I made it, a 97% fat free mix, only 4.5 points per huge chunk, but I ate about 5 pieces of it throughout the week. I counted every point but it still made me feel like a pig. I'm in danger of getting into a slump, so I need to pick up my game.

I feel kinda apathetic and still overwhelmed by it all. I'm also so impatient. And I get frustrated by my pudgy body and how easily I tire when exercising. I read people like Fred and Robyn who are like the King and Queen of Exercise, and I wonder how the hell they do it. I wonder if it will ever be less of a struggle for me.


Last night I weighed in – 0.8 kilos gone for the week (1.8 pounds). I was very happy with that, considering all the eating out. The weigh-in girls were so excited for me because I am only 0.4 kg (a bit less than a pound) from being weighed "normally" – without that extra weight on the scale. They told me they're not even going to put the weight on next week coz they said they're confident I will knock over that 0.4 this week. I know I can do it.

But I want to lose MORE than 0.4. I am sick of losing such tiny amount lately. I have SO much weight to lose, it will take me freaking 20 years to get it off.

It all comes back to the goddamn exercise again. I know they say it makes the weight come off quicker. So I set my alarm to get up before work and walk. But what did I do? Hit snooze and sleep in instead. Blah.

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