Yay Me

I lost 1.8 kg last night (4lb). I FINALLY managed to lose something over a kilo. I was getting sick of point this and point that. I want something SUBSTANTIAL, goddamit.

So I tried extra hard this week. I did a shitload of exercise. I felt fantastic. And it paid off. Huzzah! And that extra good loss this week has just been a shot of adrenaline in terms of determination and focus. Yay.

Part of me was truly worried that I really still needed that extra weight on the scales at WW, so when it became clear I was well under it now, I felt so happy I coulda cried. The weigh-in lady gave me a huge hug and I squealed and acted like an idiot. But hey! Why not? I worked hard for it and I felt fantastic.

Now next week I can stroll on in and jump on the scales like a “normal” fat person instead of Super Huge Lard Ass That Needs The Special Weight On The Scale.

Yay me, is all I can say.

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