50 Freakin’ Pounds!

Can you believe it kiddies, I lost 1.4 kilos (3lb) last night. That brings me to 23.3 kg, which is 51.2 lb! YEAH BABY! Milestone time: I made it to the 50lb mark. I also finally got out of the evil 300 lb range, I’m now scraping in at 299.

So today I was half asleep and getting ready for work when I picked up this lovely grey jacket I have. I wore it once about 18 months ago, but never wore it again because it was clinging to the Three Tier Wedding cake (my boobs and two spare tyres) and was just too tight. Later on I took to wearing it as an open jacket with a black sleeveless top underneath. The last few weeks I’d been thinking to myself, "Hmmm, I think I’ll be able to wear this done up soon…"

And guess what? TODAY WAS THE DAY! It did up, as if by magic. I couldn’t believe it. I raced into my sisters room and woke her up, just to get her opinion and ask her was she SURE it fit properly, and wasn’t too tight? She assured me it looked great.

Saturday marked 3 months since we joined WW, and three months ago I was bursting out of my size 26 clothes. Now I am starting to get into 24’s. This may seem HUGE to most people, but even that difference in size gives me a lot more options about what to wear.

And I feel good too. I’m starting to enjoy exericse. Sometimes I even crave it. Never thought I’d say that. Hehe 🙂

I See You Baby

shakin’ that ass… shakin’ that ass…

I’m back, baby! And in more ways that one. Back here writing to you lovely kiddies. Back in the realm of sanity again. And back on track with the Lard Bustin’.

First, I want to thank the lovely people who emailled or signed my guestbook with the kindest, most inspiring words that gave me a good kick up the arse. There’s no way I am going to let a gain of one fifth of a pound drag me into depression. I mean, really. I’ve lost 48 other pounds. That’s what I’ll focus on.

So I went to the gym just now, I did 25 minutes on the bike. When I started I could only do about 55 RPM, today I was sitting around 75-80. Great stuff. I could feel my thighs protesting a little, but it wasn’t at all painful or anything. Just a pleasant twang.

Then I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. Either side of me were two musclebound chicks that were just running flat out. Oh how I wish I could run. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to? Even in my slimmer days, I was never the least bit athletic.

Speaking of athletic, I find Fred most inspiring, especially his recent entries. Now he can run. And walk and cycle and swim. And slice and dice and julienne. I want to get fit like that.

But I’ve always been so unathletic and uncoordinated. No matter what my size, I’ve been hopeless at sports, and could never run without feeling a lung would burst. Is it possible for a chronic klutz to become fit? I hope so. I have big plans for me.

In other news: The girls are happy in their new C cup bra. The D’s have gone to the bin, never to be worn again. My sexy trackpants are also getting baggy. I actually have to use the drawstring on them so they don’t fall down. That is just brilliant.

Onward and downward, kiddies!

The Wrong Direction

So I posted my first gain this week: 100 grams (0.22 lb).

The weigher said, "If you’d peed before you got here, you’d have lost 100 grams!" and told me not to worry about it. I was disappointed, even though it’s such a tiny amount, simply coz the scale was going in the wrong direction. And I can’t blame it on fluid retention or anything, it’s all my own doing.

I did hardly any exercise. I walked the dog on Tuesday morning and evening, then I did nothing else til Friday, when I did a 20 minute walk and about 20 minutes of a workout video before collapsing on the floor and falling asleep. I started a new job recently, and it’s sapping my strength. The previous two weeks I’d just been bursting with energy. Now I feel too tired to exercise, and when I do exercise, it leaves me feeling so sleepy instead of energised.

My eating wasn’t that brilliant either. The first 4 days of the week I was way under my points, only about 18 or 20 when I’m supposed to have 25. Then on Saturday I went out for lunch and ordered a healthy Teriyaki burger (grilled chicken on a bun, stuffed with yummy salad) but it came with a small serve of fries. Instead of ignoring the fries, I ate them, and although they were nice, it just didn’t feel good about it. It wasn’t worth it.

I also had a total of three chocolate sundaes at McDonalds during the week. Large ones.

So my balance was just so out of whack, I was so consumed by other things I neglected my weight loss efforts. I barely kept my Points tracker. I’m sure some of my portion sizes were too big. And the lack of exercise left me feeling so blah.

Those two weeks when I exercised regularly, I felt almost high, coz I was just that happy to be getting out there and making an effort. I felt the calm and happiness I had back when I was on my anti-depressants, except this was an all-natural high. But last week and this one I’ve been kinda teary and depressed and not so optimistic about things. I hope I can turn it around again.

So it’s now Wednesday, Day 2 of the WW week. I exercised yesterday morning and plan to when I finish work today, but right now I am just so tired. My brain hurts from all this new stuff I’m taking in. I can’t wait for the Easter weekend, I really need the time to recharge.

Hopefully next week, I’ll have my focus back. Please wish me luck, I feel like I’m faltering right now.

Things To Do When I’m Skinny

I could feel it in my bones that I’d lost weight this week, and I had. Another kilo (2.2lb) gone forever!

I’m so determined lately. Haven’t been getting to the gym as much as I’d like to, but have been doing a fair bit of walking. I’m getting speedier every day. Before I would huff and puff along with aching knees and the dog gagging on the leash coz he was trying to go forward because I was too slow. Now I can almost keep up a decent pace for him. I went walking at 6AM today and it was beautiful, nice big lungfuls of fresh air. Then when I got home from work we went out for another 20 minutes.

So my clothes are finally getting a little bigger. When I started, I was squeezing into a size 26. On the weekend I bought a size 24 top for winter and it fit everywhere, just a bit too clingy round the tummy and hips. By the time it gets really cold I think I’ll be right!

I also got to drag out some previously too-tight bras. Before WW I had a 26D but now the ol’ girls are swimming in a D cup. My 24C fits just fine now, albeit a bit faded. I should treat myself to some new frilly things!

At the meeting last night I couldn’t help yelping when they told me what I’d lost. 22 kilos all up. I did a little wriggly dance on the scale, I didn’t care who was watching, and there was a huge queue behind me. It was so nice not to have to get to the meeting extra early, or late, so I could get weighed with the extra weight with noone to see. I could just hop on like a "normal" fatty. I went over to buy another 4 week meeting package, and this woman that I always smile "hi" too said to me, "You’re looking great, you really must be working hard at this!". And I could say in all honesty, yep, I am. It was such a buzz that someone actually noticed!

We had a different leader last night coz ours was out of town. This lady had lost 56 (133lb) kilos at WW. Wow, I thought, that’s inspiring. But then she told us that she had previously lost 40 kilos at Jenny Craig, but gained all the weight back plus more. And before THAT, she’d lost 40 kilos with one of those meal-replacement diet milkshake things. All up, she said she had lost 220 kilos (480lb) over the years, with all her yo-yo dieting.

She said her problem was, none of her previous attempts were a "permanent" solution. Once she stopped eating the Jenny Craig meals, she didn’t know anything about cooking healthy food, or what a healthy portion was, so she stacked back all the weight in just 8 months. And the diet shakes, well, obviously you can’t keep that up forever.

I am not endorsing WW or whatever,  I am just saying if you want to be realistic and serious about shifting your lard arse, you have to do it in a manner that you can sustain for the rest of your life. There’s no way you can keep up the wacky milkshakes forever. Just be sensible about it, and stop looking for miracles. That woman last night made me more sure of that than ever before.

Some things that help me keep so determined: imagining the "new me" so clearly I can taste it, and it’s more tasty than all the Lindt chocolate in the world…

Random list of things I wanna do when I’m skinny:

  1. run!
  2. wear dainty, strappy little shoes (currently would make me look like a drag queen with my pudgy ankles and feet)
  3. walk up to a guy that catches my eye and say hello (too chicken when I look like this)
  4. go swimming
  5. have a fully body massage (like i’d let anyone look at me right now!)
  6. have proper photos taken of me (but no cheesy soft-focus glamour shots! cack!)
  7. get some sexy leather pants. rrrowr.