50 Freakin’ Pounds!

Can you believe it kiddies, I lost 1.4 kilos (3lb) last night. That brings me to 23.3 kg, which is 51.2 lb! YEAH BABY! Milestone time: I made it to the 50lb mark. I also finally got out of the evil 300 lb range, I’m now scraping in at 299.

So today I was half asleep and getting ready for work when I picked up this lovely grey jacket I have. I wore it once about 18 months ago, but never wore it again because it was clinging to the Three Tier Wedding cake (my boobs and two spare tyres) and was just too tight. Later on I took to wearing it as an open jacket with a black sleeveless top underneath. The last few weeks I’d been thinking to myself, "Hmmm, I think I’ll be able to wear this done up soon…"

And guess what? TODAY WAS THE DAY! It did up, as if by magic. I couldn’t believe it. I raced into my sisters room and woke her up, just to get her opinion and ask her was she SURE it fit properly, and wasn’t too tight? She assured me it looked great.

Saturday marked 3 months since we joined WW, and three months ago I was bursting out of my size 26 clothes. Now I am starting to get into 24’s. This may seem HUGE to most people, but even that difference in size gives me a lot more options about what to wear.

And I feel good too. I’m starting to enjoy exericse. Sometimes I even crave it. Never thought I’d say that. Hehe 🙂

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