Things To Do When I’m Skinny

I could feel it in my bones that I’d lost weight this week, and I had. Another kilo (2.2lb) gone forever!

I’m so determined lately. Haven’t been getting to the gym as much as I’d like to, but have been doing a fair bit of walking. I’m getting speedier every day. Before I would huff and puff along with aching knees and the dog gagging on the leash coz he was trying to go forward because I was too slow. Now I can almost keep up a decent pace for him. I went walking at 6AM today and it was beautiful, nice big lungfuls of fresh air. Then when I got home from work we went out for another 20 minutes.

So my clothes are finally getting a little bigger. When I started, I was squeezing into a size 26. On the weekend I bought a size 24 top for winter and it fit everywhere, just a bit too clingy round the tummy and hips. By the time it gets really cold I think I’ll be right!

I also got to drag out some previously too-tight bras. Before WW I had a 26D but now the ol’ girls are swimming in a D cup. My 24C fits just fine now, albeit a bit faded. I should treat myself to some new frilly things!

At the meeting last night I couldn’t help yelping when they told me what I’d lost. 22 kilos all up. I did a little wriggly dance on the scale, I didn’t care who was watching, and there was a huge queue behind me. It was so nice not to have to get to the meeting extra early, or late, so I could get weighed with the extra weight with noone to see. I could just hop on like a "normal" fatty. I went over to buy another 4 week meeting package, and this woman that I always smile "hi" too said to me, "You’re looking great, you really must be working hard at this!". And I could say in all honesty, yep, I am. It was such a buzz that someone actually noticed!

We had a different leader last night coz ours was out of town. This lady had lost 56 (133lb) kilos at WW. Wow, I thought, that’s inspiring. But then she told us that she had previously lost 40 kilos at Jenny Craig, but gained all the weight back plus more. And before THAT, she’d lost 40 kilos with one of those meal-replacement diet milkshake things. All up, she said she had lost 220 kilos (480lb) over the years, with all her yo-yo dieting.

She said her problem was, none of her previous attempts were a "permanent" solution. Once she stopped eating the Jenny Craig meals, she didn’t know anything about cooking healthy food, or what a healthy portion was, so she stacked back all the weight in just 8 months. And the diet shakes, well, obviously you can’t keep that up forever.

I am not endorsing WW or whatever,  I am just saying if you want to be realistic and serious about shifting your lard arse, you have to do it in a manner that you can sustain for the rest of your life. There’s no way you can keep up the wacky milkshakes forever. Just be sensible about it, and stop looking for miracles. That woman last night made me more sure of that than ever before.

Some things that help me keep so determined: imagining the "new me" so clearly I can taste it, and it’s more tasty than all the Lindt chocolate in the world…

Random list of things I wanna do when I’m skinny:

  1. run!
  2. wear dainty, strappy little shoes (currently would make me look like a drag queen with my pudgy ankles and feet)
  3. walk up to a guy that catches my eye and say hello (too chicken when I look like this)
  4. go swimming
  5. have a fully body massage (like i’d let anyone look at me right now!)
  6. have proper photos taken of me (but no cheesy soft-focus glamour shots! cack!)
  7. get some sexy leather pants. rrrowr.

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