When I’m 64

First things first, congratulations to the lovely Miss Mopsy, who made it to goal on May 22. She has a great journal with some very thoughtful writing and looks fantastic! Well done and thanks for being so inspiring!

I’m still plodding along at WW. Lost half a kilo last week (1.1lb) and 1.4 kg (3.7lb) this week. I’m now 130 kilos (286lb), that’s 29.2 kilos (64lb) gone! I said those numbers out loud tonight and “woo-hoo”ed a bit. I felt damn proud.

I also tried to ignore that whiny little voice in my head that said “But you still have 54 kilos (119lb) to go before you even get to the top of your goal range, never mind the goal weight you want to be…”

Blah blah blah! That voice is gonna be there no matter what, but I choose to ignore it these days.

I’m now managing to get to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and really enjoying it. I do about 15 minutes on the bike or treadmill, then half an hour on the Evil Crosstrainer. Yes! Half an hour! I can’t believe I can do all that without dying. I even go up to Level 4 now. Woohoo. Strange to think 5 months ago 15 minutes of walking wiped me out.

The weight loss is still showing up on the bod, slowly but surely. The size 24 pants I squeezed into 4 weeks ago now fit really well, even getting a little loose around the waist. My legs look a little smaller. And bloody hell, my boobs are STILL SHRINKING! After bursting out of a D cup, I went down to a C, now the C’s are starting to get a little baggy.

By the way, it’s been very quiet on the email/guestbook front lately. Sure, I haven’t written as much, but am I getting boring? Do I need to spice things up a little? Hmm. Hmm.

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