Fat Free Frying

First things first. Was reading a journal today and saw this "Lunch: taco salad w/ 1 c FF refried beans".

How the hell can you have fat free re-fried beans? Even if these beans are not actually fried, what the hell addivtives, chemicals, whatevers, must be in there to make it seem like they're regular ol' refried beans?


The Open Diary is a place on the net I once spent a lot of time at before the chronic angst of the place got me down. They have things called "Diary Circles," which is a basically a big catalogue of dysfunction and all the various freaks flock together.

One of the circles is called the Fitness And Weight Loss Circle, with dozens of diaries from dieters all over the planet. Here's a few excerpts of their sparkling prose:

"Temptation everywhere – I am but flesh – battling on, there is no end only standing still or creeping forward."  (oh for crying out loud!)

"What is this diet? Ill try anything! E-mail me at Devilbaby4u@hotmail.com! I am trying to loose weight so i can get back to school but nothin is working for me! I need to loose it fast! PLEASE E-MAIL ME!"

"I ate a bag of jelly beans. By the way, are jelly beans packed with calories?? I'm pretty sure they're fat free… but they must be full of sugar!"

"Now there is dieting..I set here and think is this really for me…OR is it just to please others??? I want to be beautiful and I want to be thin…but what to I have to sacrifice to get there?"

Is it just me or do all these just smack of desperation, drama and denial? (Oh gosh, I love alliteration) Every entry I read, they all talk about their struggle with the evil chocolate bars, the perils of exercise, the hardhips of drinking water, the mind-frying mathematics of calorie counting, and which fad diet should we try today? They make it sound oh so difficult that you'd think they were actually trying to hike up Mount Everest. With no shoes on. Blindfolded. With Sherpas flogging them with icepicks as they went.

Here's the poop: it's not like climbing a mountain. The more I progress with my own weight loss caper, the more I realise how simple it is. The more I realise there is no need to think your way into a monumentous unattainable task.

Back in primary school we had a class called Health. They got out the Healthy Food Pyramid. Eat lots of fruit and vegies and grains, it said, go easy on the other stuff. Moderation is the key. Then get outside and run round and get some exercise.

Then you get older and you start reading Cosmopolitan and feel inadequate or you buy some Diet Coke or your mother drags you to Weight Watchers and suddenly it's all become very complicated! There's calories and points and weight/height charts and special shakes and self-esteem issues.

We make weight such a big drama. We make it all seem so difficult. We turn it into a struggle of epic proportions. We get all depressed and overwhelmed. We end up getting fatter than ever. Please don't spank me and call me an anti-feminist or whatnot, but I do think this can be a partucular problem for women. We're emotional and have a habit of letting things build up in our minds til the issue is stretched out of proportion. Whereas the men I know that have lost weight, they seem to just flip a switch in their mind and start doing healthy things, like cutting out junk food or doing some exercise. Just like that. Without the need for classes or pills or whatnot. Why do you think that is?

This could be just a DIETGIRL thing, rather than a universal thing, so don't shoot me down in flames. I am just speaking from my own experience and the experience of overweight women I have known. I know I've had Issues™ with food, some crippling depression and emotional problems, blah blah blah, but that's another entry altogether. Let me tell you though, those Issues™ seem to vanish if you can just make yourself sit up and realise HOW SIMPLE IT REALLY IS.

Make your mind go back to kindergarten. Toss all the complications out of your mind. Strip away all your excuses. Then what's left is this ka-ching! moment when you realise  it's really quite easy to lose weight. You knew all along, but it's not so easy to admit how simple it really is. You don't need to pay for classes or special food. You just need to stop buying the crappy food, make healthy choices, and get out and shake your booty! Just like your Health teacher told you all those years ago!

Except she may not have used the word booty.

Granted, I do go to Weight Watchers, yes. But I don't stay back for the meetings and I very rarely count points. I go there because at 350lb, I was way too big for the scales at home. Plus I like the Monday weigh-in, I need the regular feedback. That's it. I credit my loss so far to my hard work, rather than the WW program.

So all I have to say is, keep it simple, stupid. Has freaking over calories and popping pills ever brought you anything but misery and more porkage? If not, good for you, but if so, why not try the simple mode and see how you go. Stop looking for complications where there just aren't any.

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