Bacon Rocks My World




Hehe. Well kiddies, I’ve had a shocking couple of days, eating wise, but I’m sure I’ll bounce back. No really, I will. In the past four weeks I lost 4.8 kilos so (11lb) so I’ve had a good run.

Yesterday I forgot my lunch, so I went to the little shop behind my work and got a chicken wrap. It’s a piece of lavash bread with chicken, salad, sour cream, onion, cheese and chili sauce on it. I skipped the onion (don’t want to kill people with my breath) and skipped the sour cream (very fatty) and observed the salad was nice and fresh and when they toasted the bread, there was no grease or anything used. So apart from the cheese, not too bad really. But what I didn’t notice til I was eating was that the chicken used was BBQ chicken, sure it was skinless and the breast meat, but there was a nice little puddle of oil at the bottom of the wrapper when I was done. Not overly bad but much fattier than I am used to, and I just felt clogged up and yuck afterwards. This just goes to show you: PLANNING is the key! If I’d had my perfectly healthy lunch with me I would have just eaten it and felt great and saved myself $5.30!

And so on to dinner last night, it was a friend’s birthday (the one who’s into weight training) and we went to this lovely resteraunt. EVERYTHING on the menu said "EAT ME". I am usually the kind of person who struggles to find something I like. I ended up chosing a wood-fired pizza, it had the normal tomato base, but the topping! Oh! The sweetest pumpkin, cashews, basil pesto, baby spinach and boccocini (sp?) cheese. AND IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! Oh god it was good. I have been fantasising about it all day. You have no idea.

I think in the scheme of things that the pizza was okay. But then my friend and my sister ordered bread, and it was HUGE big mama pieces of italian bread, one was garlic and one was sun-dried tomato. I really didn’t want the bread but there was so much of it, so I did end up having a slice. Ooooh it was greasy but oooh it was good.

Instead of dessert I had a skim milk hot chocolate. With marshmellows. So there.

AND THEN this morning we all met up again for breakfast! And I had the Breakfast With The Lot. Two poached eggs, oven roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, huge chunk of bread, bacon, chippolata sausages AND hollandaise sauce. Good lord it was good. I couldn’t eat it all but I made a fair inroads, I tells ya. And washed it down with another skim milk hot chocolate. With marshmellows.


Ha ha! That thought didn’t even cross my mind. Nor did I feel guilt, shame, disgust. I’ve been really really good lately, and I’ve been exercising like a mofo, and it was a special occassion, so I thought TO HELL WITH IT! I am not afraid of food anymore, it’s great stuff and it’s my special friend 😛

The difference now is, I can have a wee splurge like that, but then I just get over it. When I get home tonight I’ll take the dog for a walk and I’ll have a nice light dinner (my sis is making something called Country Chicken Cobbler). And if the scales don’t make me leap for joy on Monday, I’ll get over it.

I really can’t tell you enough people, you have to learn how to move forward from your bad days. I get emails from people saying "I screwed up and now I feel like giving up". You just can’t think like that! You have to give yourself a little pep talk, pick yourself up and start again. All you have to do is be reasonable and healthy for the majority of the time, so then when there’s a special occassion you can enjoy it without punishing yourself. It’s all about moderation!

Arrgh! I am rambling. But it’s Friday afternoon and I am hyper and dying to go home.

In other news, I am really getting through my Inbox, so please don’t be mad if I haven’t replied yet. I love you, I really do. Hee hee.

BACON! Oh the bacon was good. But I felt so greasy afterwards. This is why you only eat these things EVERYONE ONCE IN A WHILE.

And the sausages! Oh don’t get me started on those. Mmm mmm.

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