Inch By Inch

I went shopping again last Friday night and it much less traumatic than the year before. There were plenty of things that fit me this time round. But so bloody expensive! Grrr. And so boring. This year the whole 50s kind of look is all the rage, and I am sad because there’s nothing in my size for it. I am obsessed with all things retro and kitschy and 50s, always have been. This time next year when I may finally be small enough for "normal" sizes, there’ll probably be some really hideous look happening.

I still got upset. I think that’s what happens when you shop with your tiny sister. We were in one shop full of lovely, classic clothes that I would love to wear, and of course there were a million things in there that looked absolutely perfect on her. All I can do is sit there on the chair outside the changerooms with the half dozen shopping bags from other stores full of clothes she looked perfect in, and smile and nod when she comes out of the stall and says "does this look okay?". And the salesladies give me that half-arsed pitying smile.

So I sat there trying to look casual, staring at the ceiling and the pictures of skinny models and slinky clothes, but inevitably I started to look in the mirrors and get all pissed off at my big blobby body. It’s hard to congratulate yourself on dropping a couple of sizes when you realise you still have another bazillion to go before you can shop in a normal store. I know it’s pathetic, but I got sick of looking at these people and how they fitted into those normal clothes, so I walked out of the shop and stood outside trying not to cry.

This "learning to be patient" thing is bloody hard.

Anyway, I had another re-assessment at the gym on Monday. It had only been 7 weeks since the last one but I am paying those vultures a LOT of money so I may as well make the most of their services. I was down another 5 kilos since the last one, woohoo! I also had my measurements taken again:

calves: down 2cm
thighs: down 4cm
hips: down 5cm
waist: down 6cm
boobs: down 7cm (!!!)
upper arm: down 1cm

For you non-metric fools, one inch = 2.5cm.

So I lost like 2 inches off my hips and waist, one off my calves, 2.5 inches of my boobs. No wonder I can’t find any goddamn bras! I was hoping for more off my arms but I guess it’s an arm and you can’t expect to lose the same kind of number as your big kahunas. But still, it’s so pleasing to see the differences on the tape measure.

I was very happy with this result. Fitness Chick Cathy wasn’t as jubilant as Fitness Chick Alison used to be. Then again Cathy is just a quieter person. But I wanted her to be as happy as me! I was bouncing off the walls.

And I made her feel my bicep.

I can’t bloody believe I did that. How embarrassing.

Oh! I lost 1.6 kilos this week so I FINALLY made that 40 kilos gone! Hurrah!

Work is absolutely insanely horrible and busy right now, hence the lack of updates and email replies. Thankyou to all the wonderful people who emailled me about bra shopping! You’re all brilliant.

Things should be better by approximately the middle of November. Haha! Thankyou for your patience. Please don’t give up on me.

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