The 11 Week Challenge

RIGHT. I am back. With a venegance. With renewed passion. Like a bad Bruce Willis sequel.

Things are still screwy and I am moving house this weekend, life could not get any more crazy. But the fat waits for noone, in fact it tends to gather more troops if you ignore it for awhile. So I have to go back into battle. Mwahaha.

So the big epiphany came with Miss Nessajane’s “89 kilos by christmas” post. That’s her goal for the next ten weeks. That’s what I was missing, I needed a new goal! I needed to be more specific, I needed a vision! I had written down on my calendar on the Jan 31 entry “110?”. I think that was in March, must have done some statistical analysis and decided that’s where I wanted to be at the end of the year.

Last night I lost 0.3kg, meaning I know weight 118.7 kg. So I have eleven weeks in which to lose 8.7 kg.


Well I can come bloody close. And the last week of that is Christmas, so it will be the ultimate test of my strength and determination. Woohoo, bring it on! I need a new challenge.

Also emailling my good lass Cathy (not related to Fitness Chick Cathy) and she said that it’s come to a point in her weight loss when only 100% effort will do! And she’s right. I have become complacent and half-arsed and not really giving it my all. So I need to shake things up.

So I dragged out the WW books and read the stuff that I thought I knew already and realised while my eating is pretty healthy, I was eating just *too much* of it. So back to the old POINTS COUNTIN’ for me. Good lord. What a pain in the arse. But hey, I told myself, just try it for a week and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t, well I’ll stop.

I am really determined now. When I am hungry I’ll now be thinking, “do I want this or do I want that 110?”. It’s as simple as that. I am glad Nessa wrote that entry, everything clicked with me after that. It was stuff I already knew but I was so busy lounging around in my rut that I didn’t take heed. Now I feel like I want to make the effort to succeed despite the crap going on around me.

On the exercise front, I went to the pool last weekend! Can you believe it? Me in a pool? I hadn’t swam for nearly a decade, so ashamed of my whale-ish bod. But got some decent cozzies (black, size 22) and said “what the hell!”. Problem was, I seem to have lost the ability to swim! Mwahaha. Oh well. I dip a few laps of some unique stroke that I invented on the spot. Enough to make me puffed with flaming muscles. It was fantastic! And the water was so nice.

Really have mucho more to say but wrist is all screwy from overuse. Much pain. Oww. More soon!

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