Rice Crackers

Be sure to read Fred’s entry about Weight Watchers and the reader responses in the following entry. It’s funny because it’s true. Actually it is sad because it’s true. Despite how WW inititally helped me, I’ve moved on now and I’ve actually been writing my Why I Don’t Go To WW Anymore diatribe and must share that sooner or later. In the meantime, instead of counting points they can start counting the $15.95 a week they won’t be getting from me once my package deal runs out. Woo 🙂

I also must mention Mrs Phat, the amazing Robyn, who recently completed her first Body For Life challenge and clearly kicked some ass in those twelve weeks. Good on ya, tiger! You are an inspiration.

So I just want to say it shits me no end about how Australia seems to have gone mad for rice crackers. Back in the day there was only one brand, but the big companies seem to have latched on to them now there is four billion brands of them. What used to be a nice low fat snack can now be quite porky. Have you seen those new rice cracker chip things? What are they called, Rix or something? They have flavours just like potato chips! Salt n vinegar, chicken, etc. You may have seen the commercial where the guy is eating some and his girlfriend says, "What are they?". He explains that they are 93% fat free! Her eyes glaze over and she bolts for the kitchen and returns with a big bowl of em. Now she can eat snacks without guilt!

You may as well go eat a bag of Doritos. These so called low fat rice cracker chips are 93% fat free, but that means they are 7% fat! That is not low fat!

Also Uncle Tobys have these new snack things out, kind of a big biscuit with dried fruit and stuff in it. They are marketing them as a healthy alternative to "normal" biscuits. And they’re 90% fat free! I find it appalling that they are allowed to advertise something as low fat when it is actually 10% fat. How many gullible folks are buying them thinking, "Woo! Low fat cookie!". Well, my roomie for one, but she is 5’11" and slim as a pencil so what does it matter to her.

Anyway, nutritionists say that something cannot be considered low fat unless it is 97% or more fat free. So watch those labels kiddies, don’t be fooled, mkay! Or just go eat some ordinary rice, eh?

Monday is my One Year Anniversay of this Bust My Lard Campaign™. Be sure to come back on Tuesday for a wrap up!

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