I’m Alive!

Hey everyone,

Just a quickie to let you know I’m alive and kicking. I apologise for the lack of updates and email replies. Life has gone haywire lately.

People keep asking me could I just at least update the weigh-in page, if I can’t find time to write journal entries. But I don’t go to WW anymore, my last weigh-in was New Years Eve. I found it far too discouraging to rock up every week to find my weight fluctuating madly. It made me forget that my clothes were getting bigger and I was looking good.

So I made a conscious decision not to go back and say myself $16 a week. I get on the scales now and then at the gym. This Saturday I was 112 kilos.

In other news: I bought some new undies the other day. Size 18. They look so small when hanging on the line to my huge size 26’s. I still wear the 26s sometimes, even though I have to pull them up to right under my boobs, they’re that big. It just gets expensive having to buy new clothes all the time.

It’s getting much easier to buy clothes now. I’ve been lay-bying some stuff at Target for winter. They have quite nice stuff sometimes. I bought it all in a size 18. It’s snug now but by winter it should fit properly!

But still, I can’t get too excited. Size 18 at Target is a pretty generous size. And there’s a difference in the Size 18 in the Big Chicks section than the few Size 18 clothes they have in the "Normal Chicks" section.

But I can’t get all obsessive over clothing sizes, like I used to with the scale. That would just be replacing one number obsession with another.

Things have probably slowed down with my weight loss. Every kilo gone takes far more effort than it did a year ago. But I have to live like this for the rest of my life, so I am learning how to strike a healthy balance between good food, regular exercise and the occassional splurge.

Thanks for all your "I WANT!" emails re the last entry. The general consensus seems to be more updates, more pictures, info about what I eat and what exercise I do, and perhaps a weblog for more snippety updates.

I really like the idea of a weblog, but I would want to use Movable Type to create it. I’m not in a position to buy a domain/hosting at the moment, so if anyone out there knows of anyone with MT on their server who’d like a hostee, please give me a yell!

Bloody hell, what a boring entry. No funny bits at all! Life hasn’t been too funny lately. But I will kick on and vow not to scoff down chocolate in the process 😉

Hope you’re all well! Thanks for your emails and encouragement. I will try to be less of a slackarse!


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