Climb Every Mountain

Well here I am again! I weighed in today and I’d lost 1.23 kilos (2.7 lbs) for the week. Rock!

The scales amuse me so much though. They’re so bloody precise. 1.23 kilos? Puhlease. If I’d taken my watch off I would have lost more.

So the weight is coming off steady again. Still won’t be completely happy til I’m below my lowest Dietgirl weight (115kg). But I am not going to focus on the scale. Gotta think of how my measurements have changed! Last week they did them, and in four weeks I’d lost 5.5cm off my bust, 4cm off my waist and 7cm off my hips! Kick ass!

Another reason for not focusing on the scales is that I’m making a big effort to get back into exercise. The weather is warming up and I want to do as much as I can towards getting fitter and shapelier.

Last Saturday I went climbing up this hill. It’s official title is a Mountain but I dunno. It’s about 2.5 km up, I’ve heard. I started puffing after about 30 seconds, it was so freaking steep. At many stages I thought my legs were just going to give up on me. My calves were burning. Even my butt muscles were sore! But after about 50 minutes we reached the top. Kick ass. Last time we did it, it took over an hour and we stopped heaps more times than before.

The next day, oh god, AGONY! Have you ever had sore arse muscles before? Good lord. What a feeling. You can barely walk! But at the same time it’s very satisfying.

So if you’re looking for a killer workout, climb some hills! It’s an amazing cardio thing, but the steepness of it surely does something for the muscles.

I am not being very funny lately, am I? Oh well. Next time Gadget! Next time.

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