Turkey Is A Dish Best Served Cold

So I am doing pretty well, folks! Week 8 of my New Regime and I am still losing steadily. Rock on!

I’ve found the best tactic right now is to simply go cold turkey on the junk. Before with Weight Watchers, I was always thinking about food. I was so busy counting points and wondering if I could squeeze in something sweet. Or how many points in a McDonalds sundae? Hmm hmm.

But for now, I am really being quite vigilant and just sticking to my three meals a day and no fancy shit. I just have such a problem with self-control. I know one small piece of chocolate is not enough for me. I can’t trust myself to eat one bit then stop.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway it’s working well so far. I am feeling good. And my clothes are fitting again. Some are getting to be too big. AH YES, I love being a loser again.

It’s only a month til my 25th birthday. Anyone remember how 18 months ago I vowed to be a size 14 by now and kiss everyone and dance on tables at my party?

Well I am size 20 and I won’t be kissing anyone. I guess my expectations were too high. Or I didn’t expect to waste the first half of 2002 gaining weight back.

I get very upset sometimes, angry at myself for going off track, for letting life get in the way of my weight loss shennanigans. But what can you do? Just gotta keep going.

So kissing and parties for my 26th then.

One thought on “Turkey Is A Dish Best Served Cold

  1. Just thought that you ought to know – you are one stone cold fox. If I met you I’d expect to see you being pursued by a pack of hounds.

    Big hug and a big wet kiss for the holidays.

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