Shirts With Beards

Here I am again after another weigh-in. I lost 1.7 kilos this week, woohoo! Check out the sidebar for further details.

As you can see, I am just a whisker away from FINALLY weighing under 110 kilos, which has been my ambition for so bloody long it ain’t funny. I am also getting close to 50 kilograms lost. So I’ve decided today that I am going to be totally focused and get to that mini-target. And when I do, I am going to take a new photo of myself and finally get the photos page back online, before you guys forget what I looked like in the first place.

Some good news this week! I went shopping on Friday night for clothes for work. I was just plain disgusted at most of what was on offer. Everything has that skanky bohemian peasant hooker thing going on. I spy a shirt on a rack and think oooh that looks nice! only to pick it up and see ruffles spewing down the front like an unkempt beard.

These things rarely look good on stick-figure people, let alone buxom mamas like myself. Who the hell are these designers kidding? All I ask is some simple, classic clothes for the workplace in natural mostly fibres. Not polyester with vomitous florals. Not sleeveless. Not straight shiny pants that make you look like a tree stump.

I ventured back into one of the "normal" chains to see if their XL would fit me yet. The shirts were just a bit too snug. Sigh. I was so despondent, and promptly blathered all the way home to my sister about how I am never going to be normal and how I’ll die lonely because noone will ever want to see me naked and furthermore I don’t WANT anyone to see me naked because my body is so utterly horrible. My sister said that was the saddest thing she’s ever heard. The next day we went to another town that has a shop that stocks the "16-26" label for fat chicks. In January 2001, the 26 was too small for me. I am pleased to report that I am now an 18! (US fat chick 16) 18!

Woo! There’s no twenty involved!

A lot of the clothes were Peasant Hooker Shit, but I found a few nice tops for work that actually fit me properly. At first I was bitching to my sister that they were too fitted, but she said that’s how clothes are meant to be, fitting you nicely and not flopping all over the place. Finally I could tell I’d lost some weight.

So today I rocked up for my weigh-in, which went well as I mentioned. But best of all was when the weigh-lady noticed my new outfit and said, "You have really dropped some sizes!". This meant so much more to me than a drop on the scale. Woo!

Only 6 weeks or so to Christmas. I really want to stay focused and keep up the exercise so I can feel superfabulous for the holidays. Gotta keep going!

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