Another New Year

Here I am after the Christmas Break! Can you believe it’s almost two years since I started on this caper?

How are you all doing? I hope your festive season was a delightful, full of fatty foods and annoying cousins that you wish you could kneecap.

I forgot to write down my weight at my weigh-in today, but it was about a kilo heavier than it is there on the sidebar. Over the past six weeks I’ve been gaining and re-losing the same kilo. But damn, I’ve had a good time in the process.

Basically I was not strict with my eating. If there was a bottle of red, I drank it. If there was a slice of my grandma’s caramel pie, I ate it. And so this went on for over a month. But I didn’t overdo it like in the old days. And I managed to get in a lot of walking and a few trips to the gym.

So I’m not going to dwell on the slight gain. I got back from a little vacation on Sunday and since then I’ve been back on track with my eating. My sister is doing it too so it helps to have the old sister team going again!

I have big goals for this year. Actually I have big goals for the next eleven weeks! I want to go as "hardcore" as I can until March 25, as that is when I am leaving Australia! Yep, it’s finally happening. My sister and I are moving to the UK for two years for a working holiday. So I want to feel as good about myself by then as possible! Any Brit readers out there?

Also, does anyone know of where I can get a decent sports bra? My girls are bouncing all over the shop in Body Combat class. Hopefully somewhere that has online ordering if it’s a non-Aussie store. Thanks!

Happy New Year to you all, and hope you’re all motivated and geeked up for 2003 🙂

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