You Can’t Hurry Lard

I finally got reaccquainted with the scale on Sunday – 98.4 kilos (217lb). Well whaddya know, kids? I’ve finally got under 100 kilos. Double figures, baby! It has been 9 years since I was under 100 kilos.

It’s only taken me two and a half years to reach this milestone. Crikey. Way back in the day, I wanted to get under 100 for my sisters birthday. In 2002. So yeah, that kinda didn’t happen. It’s taken me a helluva lot longer but I’ve learned a lot in that time. You know how that song goes… You can’t hurry lard… no you just have to wait…

Seriously though, you just cannot put a time limit on this thing. Fat waits for no man. Etc etc. No matter how long I can sit here doing crazy calculations, figuring out how many kilos per week I would need to lose to weigh X by Y date, it just never works out that way.

These days I am taking it slow. I am sure you’re all thinking, isn’t she there yet? But nooo, I’m not. I’m kinda enjoying my new life here in Scotland, and that happens to involve the occassional drink and the odd chocolate or three. So it’s coming off slower, but it IS coming off.

Another little milestone has passed – I’ve now lost over 60 kilos. I remember my euphoria at hitting 20 kilos gone – that meant I didn’t have to have the Special Super Fat Extra Weight added to the scale at my Weight Watchers weigh-in. I remember my mum taking me out for dinner when I got to 30 kilos gone. It seems like a lifetime ago now.

Some days I get so depressed that I am still very overweight, but I guess I just need to look back and realise I’ve lost an average person now. I used be carrying 60 kilos/10 sacks of potatoes/120 tubs of margarine/240 family blocks of Cadbury’s on my back. And now I’m not. So I will try and remind myself to be proud of this and use it as motivation to keep going and lost another 23 kilos or so.

I really need to post some pictures soon! I hope you’ll be able to notice a difference. Otherwise, I will cry. Mwahaha.

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