Return of the Spiral Perm

I think it's brilliant that Time magazine has devoted such a great slab of space to healthy eating this week. There's some brilliant information there.

But what the bloody hell is up with the cover? Those earrings are scaring me. Does Cosmo know their July 1985 cover has been plagarised? Are we going to see TAB make a comeback in the soda aisles? Is it time to dust off our legwarmers?


Has anyone ever been whacked over the head with a steak by a I Hate Carbs person after you tried to explain what complex carbs are and how they're good for you? I really think the paragraph below sums up the whole thing about carbs and why people get their knickers in a knot about them. It's all been misinterpreted.

"This problem of mistaken identity extends to quite a few of the foods we commonly call carbohydrates. First, a tiny rant about the word carbohydrate. When nutritionists first advised us to replace some of the fats in our diets with complex carbohydrates, what they had in mind was beans, fruits, leafy green vegetables and whole grains. What we loaded up on was pasta, white rice and French fries. Technically, we were following the rules, but by focusing on these highly processed or refined foods, we were missing out on a lot of antioxidants and other important nutrients. And we found out, much to the detriment of our waistlines, that it's a whole lot easier to overeat pasta, rice and potatoes than apples and broccoli."

The rest of the article is here.

7 thoughts on “Return of the Spiral Perm

  1. Oh, that is so funny! When I first saw that cover, I thought it was an old cover from the eighties for the same reasons! Ha ha.

    I am on a plan where grain carbohydrates are eaten separately from protein and fat, so when I have said that I made sure to get carbs with every meal, I have received shocked comments and have had to clarify that I mean vege carbs. Some carbs are good, yes.

  2. I just watched my sister’s boyfriend lose 100 pounds. He went from 330 to 230, and he’s 6’3″ so even at 330 he didn’t look too bad, just protective, heh. Anyway, every time I hear about how evil carbs are, I think about him and the way he lost his weight (eating balanced foods which includes eating carbs, weight training and other exercise), and how healthy he is now. Carbs are a nutrient and we need them in our bodies…it’s just a matter of eating the better ones.

    Oh, and I lurve bread.

  3. Yup, the earrings scare me too. But the article’s very interesting, especially the bits about the proportion of carbs to protein we ought to be eating. I looked all over the net for info on this a while back and couldn’t find anything.

    And they gave me an excuse to eat Mum’s homemade soup. Brilliant.

  4. I don’t understand why “traditional” dieters are so angry about Atkins dieters. Now everyone’s jumping around saying carbs are good, but duh, french fries are bad. I don’t know what you think the Atkins diet is, but we haven’t cut out *vegetables*! The Atkins diet cuts out the stuff that everyone acknowleges is bad: the sugar, the white flour, fries. Beans? Veggies? Whole grains? legal, especially in the later phases of the diet. There’s a ton of resentment going around and I just don’t get it. FYI, I’ve lost 97 lbs so far in less than one year on Atkins. I’m happy for anyone who finds a way to accomplish their weight loss goals. I don’t understand why they’re so angry about mine though.

  5. no one is angry here… no one is attacking atkins.. i was referring to I Hate Carbs people I know who don’t understand about beans and veggies and whole grains being good stuff. and good on ya for the the 97 lbs 🙂

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