Year Four

I’m now heading into Year Four of Dietgirl’s Amazing Flab Busting Adventurama. I was laying in bed on Sunday night, alternately fondling my hipbones/grinning, and kneading my stomachs/grimacing, wondering if I’d ever make it. I know all that crap about health being a lifelong journey, but I am still hanging out for that moment when I decide righto, this is it, I’m done with the losing. Here it is another new year and I’m still not done. There’s no way I’ll ever get there.

Moan, moan.

But then I thought, hang on, why wouldn’t I get there? What’s stopping me? Abso-bloody-lutely nothing. There’s no reason in the world why it won’t happen, just like there’s no reason why it won’t happen for you brilliant people who have been reading all this time. If we just keep bumbling along, that cumulative effect of changing our habits over time, never losing sight of where we want to be, it will just happen.

. . . .

One of my favourite pastimes is observing the eating habits of skinny people. There’s a lot of be learned from them. My latest stalkee has been that lovely boy I’m seeing. Here’s what I’ve noticed about his habits:

– He never has second helpings of a main course. He dishes out his portion then puts the leftovers away

– He always carries a bottle of water and drinks regularly throughout the day. At home he’ll have a glass of water beside the bed, one in the kitchen while cooking, one on the coffee table during dinner.

– He rarely snacks between meals or picks at leftovers

– He cooked dinner for me six weeks ago and served ice cream with the dessert, and he still has that same tub of ice cream, ie. he didn’t scoff the rest of it down in front of the telly the next evening

– He only buys what food he needs, and makes simple meals with lots of vegies and few herbs and spices, and uses up everything in the fridge before it turns into a mouldy pulp

At first I was weirded out by all this. It didn’t seem to me like he ate enough. But then I realised that this was just when I compared it to how much and how often I ate. I realised how much extra food I put away without even noticing, how I sometimes snack for something to do.

Then I thought the bastard was just too healthy. But then I remembered the times we’d had dessert or we’d eaten at friends houses. He’ll get stuck into the sweets or scoff into some cake. But I notice that when he pigs out it tends to be more quality stuff, like some really good dark chocolate. You can see him savouring every mouthful, but he always stops before it gets excessive. He doesn’t feel the need to keep going back for more servings.

It all seemed really odd to me, a guy so sensible about food. Finally I found out why – he’s lost a lot of weight himself, 3 stone in fact (that’s 19.5 kilos. Or 41 pounds. Gee I am great with numbers).

So… crikey! After all my freaking out about my body and my former even lardier body, he has struggled with very same shit. I just assumed he’d always had a slender physique, that he didn’t have to try to get those sexy legs. But as it turned out he was once a larger lad and spent a good year or getting back in shape.

I asked him about a million questions, I found it so inspiring. What was his secret? How’d he do it? But it was all very simple. He just cut out the crap and bought a bike and cycled his way to skinniness. It’s a constant effort, but being broke helps – too poor to buy crap food, too poor for transport so you have to walk everywhere. He loves his food but tries to make quality choices for the majority of the time, so when he indulges he really enjoys it and doesn’t feel bad about it. A very simple philosophy but has proved very effective.

How bizarre to find weight loss inspiration right under my nose, when I’d been so panicky about him finding about my own de-larding adventures. He’s been very understanding about my own continuing journey (still haven’t told him just how much I’ve lost though), so it’s nice to have found another source of support.

Happy new year, by the way. I looked back at 2003 and felt briefly grumbly that I’d only lost about ten kilos. But there’s no sense beating yourself up over what could have been. If you’re anything like me, you’re a rather lardy person so a good beating wouldn’t hurt that much anyway! So it’s a pointless exercise, I tell you. Instead I’m choosing to focus on the positives. I’ve dropped some sizes and I am a helluva lot fitter. I also coped with moving to Scotland, where it is very easy to think it’s normal to deep fry your breakfast cereal.

That’s more than enough achievement for one year, I reckon. So let’s see what we can rustle up for 2004. Hope you’re all doing well so far! Rock on!

12 thoughts on “Year Four

  1. Well it’s about bloody time! Erm… I mean, happy new year!

    And although confessing your former weight may seem unbearable now, keep in mind that you could be an inspiration for him as well. You certainly are for others.

  2. hey! I have been catching up on your adventures 4 ages now and u inspired me 2 make a website! Check it out if u like. I would llove 2 put a link to dietgirl on it! Do u mind if I do that?? Anyway, keep it up chickydee. u rock!

  3. Bout time we heard from you 🙂
    What you have done is amazing. Don’t sweat that it has taken some time- when you get there you are sure to stay there with all the good habits you have made!

  4. hi! i found your blog a couple weeks ago, i think linked from mr. ointy ( i just started weight watchers on 1/7/04. i read through all of your archives because i was addicted. i couldn’t stop reading the adventures of dietgirl! you really helped me put into perspective how long all of this takes. (i also adopted referring to this whole thing as “a caper” in my head. hope you don’t mind! :P) sometimes i feel like if i don’t lose all the weight *right now* it doesn’t matter at all. but already my clothes are feeling a bit looser and my attitude about my body has changed so much. so thanks for being an inspiration, as corny as that sounds.

    also, congrats on finding what sounds like a great guy! you totally deserve all the love and cuddles you can handle. *grin*

  5. How fantastic, finding a young man who’s been where you are, so to speak. Funny how we tend to assume that thin people don’t have to work at being that way, isn’t it?

  6. Excellent! *grin*
    So happy for you, and happy to have been around from the beginning – I think we started at around the same time from memory, and I’ve managed to get 10kgs overweight again, so it’s a bumpy journey for most no matter where you start and how long it takes – it’s all valuable experience right! Great attitude, great achievements!

  7. Wow, what a nice find! He sounds like he has his ducks in a row. As for 2003, I suppose you could look at it this way: you could have done nothing, and been two sizes UP instead of the other way around, so that’s a pretty big accomplishment!

  8. 10 KG’s is a shit load of weight – you should be very proud of yourself. You really don’t have far to go – We want another photo! please . . .
    You should be very proud and every step in the right direction is exactly that even if it is a slow step just be happy you are moving foward and not backward and not standing still!

  9. Do NOT scoff 10kg for 2003. That’s a great accomplishment, plus it wasn’t the other way around. I’m keeping my eye on your stats…you should be dipping below 200lbs/90kg any minute now. I’m so excited for you!

  10. Glad to see you continually growing during this journey. You are doing incredibly well and I’m very proud of you. I’m also glad to see the love bug rear it’s ugly head for you. He sounds wonderful! NJ

  11. I have been lurking for about 2 months — I linked to your site from “Does That Come in my Size?” I have enjoyed your blog, and even started my own ( Best of luck to you this year!

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