One Mini Mission is out of the way! All my gymmin’ is done for the week – 6 classes down, including my unspectacular return to Body Combat after a four month absence. I’ve been so hooked on the dancing that I forgot about the kicking and punching.

All I can say is… owwwww. Combat really uses completely different muscles, makes you move your ass in a totally different way. My shoulders are so tired from all that punching. Just goes to show how it’s good to do different kinds of exercise, cross-train, baby!

I’ve been mucking around at the gym for so long now I can almost push out of my mind the old days when I’d avoid walking outside to get the mail from the mailbox coz it just seemed too far to go and I know it would make me red-faced and feeling like my lungs were going to explode.

It’s strange, but 350lbs seems like so long ago. But as I said before, sometimes I like to remind myself of that time when I get frustrated about where i am now. Like when I am lying in bed unable to sleep for worrying if I’ll ever get there, I like to remember when I couldn’t get to sleep at all coz my body was conspiring against me. Let me illustrate:


Gravity is a dirty bitch. As soon as you lay on your back, the fat on my chest lapped at my chin and made it hard to breathe.


It’s a long way down.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

5 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Guilt, guilt. It’s been more than 4 months since I’ve been at the gym at all. I never sorted out joining a new one when I moved back up to Edinburgh. Still, when I finish writing up my dissertation…

    I won’t ask you where you go in case that would sound stalkerish… but is Body Combat too full-on for the beginner? Which I guess I am after sitting on my bottom for so long.

  2. Hi, I lurk here all the time because you are such an inspiration…and I have to finally announce myself because I think your illustrations are so funny! Yay for making me giggle.

  3. Really, I cannot say this frequently enough: there is no way in hell that you could update often enough to satisfy my journal-reading eyes. Your entries are laugh-my-ass-off (oh, that this were really possible) funny and I look forward to each new post you write. Congrats on the successful mini-mission and thanks for the great illustrations.

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