The Thighs Have It

A woman sat next to me on the bus yesterday afternoon. It was funny coz only that morning I’d been looking down at the seat beside me and marvelling at how I fit onto my half of the seat and no longer spilled over into the other side. But by the afternoon I was thinking differently. It was a quiet time on the bus so everyone had a seat to themselves. I watched the woman walk up the aisle and my Fat Girl mind assumed she’d never sit next to me coz of my lardy ass. She’d definitely sit next to some weedy person. But she sat herself down right beside me! Of all the seats on all the buses in Scotland, she chose mine…

I was quite chuffed about that and smiled to myself. Until the next stop when someone got off, leaving a completely vacant seat. She got up and moved to it. Hmmph. Had I forgotten my deoderant?

So I have broken my Posting Twice A Week vow, but I had to spend some quality time with The Boy after he returned from Canada. All my PMS-fuelled paranoia was proved unfounded, he didn’t have any sudden revelations while away and change his mind about me, he had missed me just as much. The thing that made me so happy was how happy and content I was while he was away. Sure there were the first few days of angst and moping, but after that I really enjoyed the time apart, wandering around the city on my own, doing some extra classes at the gym. I missed him like mad, but I was content knowing he was enjoying his snowboarding, having a well-deserved break. I just realised for the first time what a mature thing we have goin’ on. We’re so comfortable and secure with each other that he doesn’t mind me going out on the town with the blokes at work and I’m happy for him to go travelling. I guess every guy I’ve known before has been a clingy "where have you been!?" type and I am just loving this trust and easygoing thing I’ve got now. I never knew it could be like this. Woohoo!

. . .

I’ve been obsessing about my thighs. I think I’ve shedded about ten years of fat now, which means my body is the approximate size it was when I was sixteen. Now I feel like I am sixteen again whenever I look in the mirror, fretting over the exact same bits I fretted about back then. So much lard has come off my chest, waist and hips that I’d forgotten that I’ve always had big thighs. The body goes out at the boobs, in at the waist, out at the hips, then out even further at the top of my thighs. What the bloody hell do you call that? These are curves that could quite easily be used to prop up a few screaming toddlers and shopping bags. When I’m at my dance class and shimmying at the mirror, all I can see is thigh.

I was shrieking to my sister, "Why do they stick out like that!?! How am I going to get rid of them?" She told me they were meant to be like that. I looked around the studio. People had thighs of all persuasions, but of course in my head mine were the hugest and most… flared out.

I’m going to be one of those people writing into fitness magazines, "How can I reduce the size of my thighs?" and they shall write back in patronising tones, "Dear Desperate of Scotland, there is no such thing as spot reducing… blah blah blah, eat less, accept your thunderous thighs…"

Now I am all paranoid and wondering if there’s anything that can be done. Is stacking all that weight on the bar for my squats and lunges making them bigger? Should I take up running? Should I wrap my legs in hot mud and cling film? Lipo?

Once an obsessive, always an obsessive. No matter how happy you can get with your body, you can always find something to pick on!

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  1. When I was working with my trainer last year (affectionately known as “Trainer Hottie” because he was so amazing looking), I used to complain that all of the squats and lunges were making the muscle in the front of my thigh simply huge and he said that I should start working the hamstrings (back of the thigh) more to balance it out. Not sure if that’s really helpful or not because then you’d be bulging on both sides. Hmmm.

  2. I have to say the jogging and Tae Boe- really helps with the thighs! Ofcourse your blowing it out of proportion (Like we all do!)- and it’s not nearly as troublesome as you think-

  3. Well, I’m not sure which way your thigh fat goes, but if it’s like mine it’s not the sticking-out-in-front part I worry about (as Denise mentioned above), it’s the sides that stick out further than my hips. Like in a swimsuit, they are a separate creature all to themselves–watch out everyone, it THE THIGH MONSTERS (people run screaming in all directions). Anyway, if you ever find the answer to this, I want to know because so far, I haven’t been able to do anything about it. I think my thighs got a bit nicer looking after I’d lost weight and was running a lot (like 25km/wk is a lot for me). But no joke, they were still there. I’m afraid I’m doomed by genetics. I try not to stare too hard at my aunts’ and grandma’s legs, but you know, that’s who I got it from… Bummer.

  4. I always blamed my curvy hips and ample thighs on genetics and would look at my Mom’s, Aunt’s and Grandma’s thighs and think ‘oh well, I can’t do a think about it’…. And then my Mom went and started an exercise program, lost 35 pounds, dropped three pant (trouser) sizes and no longer has curvy hips or ample thighs! Damn it all!!

    Her exercise routine was a series of butt, hip and thigh exercises that she did every morning. She wrote it down and sent it to my sister and I entitled ‘Mom’s 20 Minute Workout’. Neither of us have done it with any regularlity and not surprisingly, both of us still have curvy hips, etc. But if you want I can send it to you!

  5. One of my friends also had huge thighs, and she reduced them (and lost several kilos) by taking spinning classes 4 times a week… Now she has really nice legs πŸ™‚

  6. Hmmmm, well, I have seen your pics and I must say you look quite good with your curvy hips and thighs, but if you are worried maybe it might help to do some comparison with girfriends? Maybe you are not as huge as you think?

    In all honesty, I have never heard of a way to reduce your thighs. All of the workouts I have done have only served to bulk my thighs more, but workouts do provide definition, and that’s a good thing. That may make you feel more content.

    It seems to me that if you had the same concerns when you were 16 that it’s time to get happy with your natural assets! (grin)

  7. Who cares — you’re under 200 lbs now! woo-hoo! Did I miss the announcement, or are you just being coy? I’m sure with your determination, you’ll be able to tackle the “problem” of your thighs (real or imaginary) with the same gusto and the same fabulous results! LOVE your humor and your honesty — keep up the fantastic work!

  8. Well…first I got to say Im GLAD you updated. I was getting serious withdrawl symptoms!!! My thighs were a lot bigger in proportion to the rest of my body. I discussed this with a friend of mine who’s a trainer. He suggested – besides any other kind of exercising – power walking or better jogging, but early in the morning. I cant jog lots cos *blush with shame* I’m a compulsive smoker, so what Im doing is power walk for 6 kms a day. It seems to do the trick. He explained to me that our body when doing any kind of aerobic excercise (or the right term is cardio? ‘xcuse me but I are Greek and all) in the morning is only burning fat. Same kind of exercise in the evening or afternoon burns fat and builts bulk in the muscles. He explained it all with fancy terms and that, but my mind keeps only the useful part. “Do it in the morning” So I get up about an hour earlier to walk to half way to work (my office is 12 km away). But he also suggested (and made me promise I won’t quote him on that) to use some kind of anti-cellulite cream, the kind that’s supposed to also take some cm’s away. I did try this for a month, and it works. They are supposed to take 2 to 4 cm off each thigh and if your religious with it and do it every day, the results are here. Ive tried two different kinds, and many gf’s have tried several too, so if youre up to it, I can suggest a couple. In the meantime, you are still my legend!!! Cheers!!!

  9. So happy you posted, and so very impressed by your progress! As for the thigh issue, well, I can relate. The only thing that worked to thin my thighs was walking-Argyro is right. I walked miles every day (out of necessity) a few years ago, and my thighs shrunk in all directions. Good luck!!!

  10. ooh… hi everyone πŸ™‚

    Anne – YES that it is exactly! it’s how they stick out at the SIDES. I mean, there’s an hourglass figure and then there’s just craziness.

    it’s interesting to see how everyone has honed in on the thigh part of the entry – you’re all just as obsessed as i am πŸ˜›

    thanks for all your ideas! it’s time to shake up the exercise a wee bit. i know my thighs are extremely shapely and defined… if you look at the them from a certain angle. like when in the bath and you look at the front of your thigh and ignore the fat underneath and say “wow! muscles!”. hehe.

  11. as for the under 200lb bit, I’ve only just scraped under that, plus I’m a metric girl so the real celebrations will be if I ever get under 90kg πŸ™‚

  12. Firstly, on the relationship: RAH! I can sort of relate cuz I only see my beau on the weekends. While it’s difficult saying goodbye on Sunday nights, after Monday’s blues, I usually get into my groove during the week (& it’s always lovely to see him) and realise, ‘hey I’ve actually got a healthy relationship here! Oh my god, does that mean I’m a grown-up?!’ So well done to you πŸ™‚

    Secondly, on the thigh issue (I simply couldn’t ignore this one): I’ve been blessed *cough* as well with thunderous thighs. What I was told is to stay away from any exercise that shortens and thickens the muscles – that’s the stairmaster or stepping exercises and never put the treadmill on an incline. What you want to do is lengthen the muscle so elliptical cross training is good, yoga is brilliant, walking/running (no incline) is good… you get the idea. Of course, I haven’t put this all into practice but the advise seemed to make sense. I also noticed that once I was quite close to my goal weight (about 1 stone), with every half stone, it seemed to all be coming off my thighs. So perhaps it’s just stubborn that way & that’s where you’ll see it drop off last! Good luck though – I do think you rock πŸ™‚

  13. Hi DG!

    Thanks for the perspective on the body and the way we pick at it not matter how well we have done – thanks for the reminder of how much we have accomplished. You are an inspiration and you make me laugh to boot!


  14. One word for you…..saddle bags…that’s what they have always been affectionately known as in the states. I agree with Vicki, do the Tae-Bo because it does work your legs so much and he really targets the tush and thigh area. Adding a little weight training to your routine might be a good thing if you don’t do that already, this will help kick your metabolism up a few notches and help tone and sculpt your body a little more. I know that I started doing more of my weights and The Firm and I lost over 10 inches off of my body in a little over a month just from toning things up so much. Just keep up the good work and I’m glad things are working out so well with “The Boy”, he sounds like a real keeper.

  15. Holy Comment Craze! I posted yesterday and came back today to see 16 comments! Whoa. I guess thighs are something everyone obsesses about, which is comforting actually. It all comes back to exercise, I guess. Well, anyway, I wanted to add one more thing, DG, and that is: congrats on finding, nurturing, and enjoying a healthy relationship. This is a huge accomplishment. And an even greater accomplishment because you realize how good it is for you. Relationships–even the really good ones–can be hard work, and the value of making them work well cannot be underestimated. So glad to hear you are happy.

  16. I have sausage thighs, that and my pooch area is where the remaining 30lbs is, my ass if flabby but man oh many my thighs are definitely not. You just have to keep losing the fat. UGGH!

    My best friend lost 50lbs and she used to have these HUGE thights (it was the main area of her 50lbs believe it or not) and her thighs which I thought must have been a genetic thing…disappeared.

    We all lose fat in different places and where we want it the most is normally last…LOL. So yeah, keep on keeping on chickie!

    Congrats on the

  17. I know exactly what you mean on both subjects!

    As for my thunderous thighs I am confinced I am stuck with them unless I became some sort of stick insect with 10% body fat.
    I always have to buy pants bigger then my waist size then take them in at the waist or wear a belt or buy baggy style. I have never fit into bootcut unless I want to look like drumstick legs! So I do sympathise! Sorry no solutions here

  18. Aargh. Thighs. Mine were OK before the adolescent hormones hit. I can remember going swimming aged 12 and thinking that everyone must have been staring at my wobbly thighs. I’m not quite that selfcentred anymore, but they haven’t got any better in the intervening 12 years. They are quite muscular; it’s just that the muscle is covered in cellulite. And no way can I avoid walking on an incline if I want to exercise outside at all, since this area is really hilly.

    By the way, DG, the “not sitting next to people on buses” thing is definitely cultural, not personal. If there are enough seats (this is particularly noticeable on the top deck, I think) people in Edinburgh will always sit one to a seat. I’ve often wondered why they fight their way up a moving bus to a new seat once it becomes vacant, just to get one to themselves, but they do. I did it myself the other day (but I don’t think I was sitting next to you…). Maybe neuroses rooted in ancestral Calvinism make us shy about sitting next to strangers. Or maybe we’re just hoping to find an abandoned copy of Metro to read.

  19. If your gym has those weight machine for inner and outer thighs, use ’em. Lots. Might make you feel like you’re warming up for a pap smear, but we all must suffer in our pursuit of streamlines silhouettes, non?

  20. You know how to bring up the right issues (praps boobs are next?..he he he). I was talking about thighs with my husband yesterday. He is a fitness freak…lol. Howeever, although his six pack, a few years back he did have heavier thighs and calves, mainly from playing too much footie till he was 25 (hes 35 now). So I asked him how he did it. He said power walking at first and running in the treadmill 20 mins each. I was curious and asked him why that time since he always had a running routine in the gym every day. He said that when he decided to make his legs thinner, he used to wear (and continues so ever since)a very tight pair of leggings, you know, the kind cyclists wear but not the short ones, the long ones. And hed wear two pairs of trackies on top of them, to make his legs sweat more. He now has very firm, very toned AND very slim thighs and butt and calves (much to my both admiration AND envy!!! πŸ˜‰

  21. Football, huh? That’s interesting. I used to play football when I was at college (my sole period of enthusiasm for team sports) but can’t really blame my legs on that, since they were pretty chunky even before that. Then again, my main exercise during my teens was horseriding (famous for developing the thighs and bum, alas) and Highland dancing (lots of jumping up and down, develops nice feminine muscly calves) both of which seem in retrospect like the worst possible kind of workout. Fun, though.

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