What’s Cookin’?

Well hello there. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that six weeks on, I have updated my weight in the sidebar. Three kilos in six weeks ain’t bad, but I was actually lower than that around week four. Two weeks of flu, inactivity and Green & Blacks chocolate got in the way. I neglected my Mini Missions and didn’t write down what I ate…

OVERBLOWN WEIGHT-LOSS ANALOGY OF THE WEEK: The fat-busting process is like having something delicate in a saucepan, simmering on the stove. If you’re not constantly watching and stirring, it all boils over or burns or gets sticky. Sure you’re sick of stirring, your arm is tired, you’re looking at the recipe impatiently and thinking, shouldn’t something be happening by now?, but you have to stay there at that stove baby! Stay there until the dish is done!

… anyway, the lesson has been learned. I have to keep my eyes on the prize, pay attention to what goes in my gob and keep the momentum going.

Last night I was back at the gym with a vengance. 45 blistering minutes of Body Jam followed by 60 minutes of Body Pump. Oh how I love my classes. I am far more productive, excercise-wise, when there’s some buff little freak up on a stage yelling at me and telling me exactly what to do. I guess that comes from being inherently lazy.

Some people find the idea of sweating in a be-mirrored room with 40 people daunting, but it’s really the quietest time of day for me. You can get a lot of thinking done while you’re squatting or lunging for five minutes. The music and the shouty instructor fade into the background, and you can start thinking… I mentally scan my To Do list, or think about television, or my next holiday, or, as in last night’s case, think about trying not to fart. My sister made a great tomato lentil soup on the weekend, but it’s still haunting me. Sticking your ass out and bobbing up and down really makes it hard to restrain.

I’ve decided to state my Mini Missions upfront, instead of the retrospective analysis. Maybe if I tell you all each week what I want to achieve, I will feel more inclined to stick to them. This week:

1.  No chocolate.
I ate three, yes three, 100g blocks of Green and Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate last week. Whoops. I’m going cold turkey.

2.  Three trips to the gym.
I’m working all 7 days this week (ouch) so no Sunday gym. The revised schedule is Body Jam and Pump on Monday (done!), Body Balance and Body Jam on Wednesday, and Body Combat and Pump on Friday. I should be getting paid by Les Mills for my ringing endorsements of their classes.

3.  Watch the after-work snacking
I’ve been gobbling toast and picking at food during cooking.

4.  Measure the peanut butter.
I’ve been slathering PB on the aforementioned toast. Sure it’s the natural stuff (no added oil or sugar, just ground up nuts) but it’s calorie dense and I have no idea what a tablespoon of PB looks like.

Wish me luck, comrades.

Finally, are there any UK people out there? I have been looking all over town for a copy of Slimming magazine’s Guide to Calories and Fat 2004 (or whatever it’s called) and I cannae find it anywhere! Has anyone spotted it? I know there’s online calorie counters but I want something I can fondle, y’know?

10 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’?

  1. I know what you mean with the after work snacking.

    I eat so well during the day but am absolutely ravenous by 4/5pm. It’s hard to have just one piece of toast or an apple or whatever.

    I have an appointment with a dietitian in a week’s time so hopefully it’ll easier to keep on track with someone watching over me every week.

    I’m so glad you’re updating regularly again!

  2. Holi Shite! you’ve lost 150 pounds!?!? I’ve been reading since the beginning and even with the little ups & downs, you’ve made it seem effortless. More importantly, you just keep going and going. I need some of that to rub off on me!

  3. I’ve never found one in a shop, but if you ring the number in the mag they;ll send you one through the post, it’s worth it, they are so much more comprehensive than any other guide!

    Jilly (leicestershire)

  4. Me ? I’m going mental. Each and every calorie counters on the sites I’ve surfed tell me something different ! Who to believe ? What to think ? Maybe CalorieKing is best ?

  5. Would someone who can get their hands on a copy of Slimming or Slimmer magazine (i.e. a lovely Brit or Aussie) be willing to send it to me? I would send in exchange anything American that this lovely British or Australian person would like. Such as books or magazines or whatever. I am REALLY curious about this magazine, but I don’t want to commit to an expensive full-year subscription through Amazon.com without seeing one first. My thanks to anyone who e-mails me about this.

  6. hello! new reader here. congrats on how for you’ve gotten and i see that you are teetering on the edge of what we here in the states call ONEDERLAND (because we only go by pounds and you know, 199 is *so much smaller* than 200.) good luck!

  7. Well…I’ll admit it!!! I’m short sighted!!! Hehehe… Well…not really, but I havent noticed the change in your stats. I, once more, stand in awe in front of your acheivement!!!!!Do you realise that you have lost a WHOLE PERSON?!?!?!oops! That last comment just made me think of something. I had lost a massive ammount of weight before. Close to 50 kgs. And I regained it. The last 3 years Im loosing slow and steady, and the weight isn’t coming back (besides the occasional ups and downs). I think the key to maintaing and keep going for me is actually “loosing the person”, singing fairwell to her for ever. 10 kilos off…say goodbye to the hurt 2 year old. 20 kilos off…pat goodbye to the pouting 4 year old…35 kilos off…sweetly letting go of the sad 6 year old. And so on…and so forth. Leaving our kilos behind is more than the fat. Leaving our kilos behind is mainly leaving behind the reasons that led to obesity. Becoming who we are. At our core. Congratulations dg. And farewell to this woman inside your body that is gone now. For good 🙂

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