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Hello faithful readers —

(or perhaps unfaithful readers. You’ve been reading other sites as well, haven’t you? I knew it! I saw the way you switched windows as soon as I came into the room, and there was panic in your eyes and sweat on your brow… well!)

— anyway. As you can see I’ve moved house. After slobbing around Trish’s domain for a couple of years, stuffing chocolate wrappers down the couch and belching far too loud, I felt it was time to get out into the real world and do my own laundry. Trish is a rockin’ lass and has always helped out when I forgot my passwords or done something really stupid, so here is a big public thank you to her for all her kindness.

It feels funny to have a proper domain name. I’ve always been a fan of the .org thing. It sounds rather official, like The Dietgirl Organisation is a Fortune 500 company or a network of spies. Alas it’s still just plain ol me.

I’m hella busy at the moment so I know I’ve got broken links and all sorts of mess around here, if you spy anything please leave a comment or email me at dietgirl AT dietgirl dot org.

. . .

I’ve been a slackarse, I know. I just let things slide while my mother was visiting. I felt compelled to sit there with her rather than computering, since she’d come 10,000 miles or so to see me. I had planned to lose a kazillion kilos before she got here, since it had been a year since we parted, but instead I had to be content with about a 14 kilo difference.

It seemed enough. Unless she was being overly polite. But she kept sqwarking, “Look at you! You look great! You’re so skinny!” blah blah blah. She brought over a bunch of new clothes from Australia and I was half elated/half devastated that they were all too big. I’d definitely be a size 16 back home now. Oh I wanted to cry when I saw the price tags! Ten bucks for a t-shirt. Twenty dollar pants. And here I am spending the equivalent of $70 on a shitty pair of track pants for the gym. It was almost enough to make me pack myself up in Mum’s suitcase and go back to Oz.

At one point I was trying on some shirts and I had my (naked) back to Mum and she crowed, “You’ve got a WAIST now! Wow!”. I couldn’t help grinning. Then she had to ruin it all, “But look at those freckles on your lower back. Or are they moles? Have you had them checked out? Have you noticed any changes in them?”


“You should get them checked out. Take some digital photos and note where they are. Draw a map.”

“I’m not going to draw a bloody mole map!”

I think my fat isn’t the biggest change since I last saw Mum. I could tell she was surprised by my attitude change. She could tell I wouldn’t take any crap anymore, that I had a lot more confidence. The combination of moving far away and losing more weight has made me less needy, more independent. It really threw her for awhile. I’d catch her looking at me with a bewildered, sometimes envious look. I know she is struggling to get motivated to tackle her own health problems, and that was something we always had in common. And of course I was a lot bigger than her for awhile. The balance has subtly shifted in our relationship. I want to say more about this but will thunk it out better soon πŸ™‚

. . .

This Sunday marks six months since me and my lovely guy got together. Holy crap, that went quick. But it also marks six months of me really going nowhere with my weight loss. Now that I’ve survived my first northern hemisphere winter and other crazy events, I really need to get my arse moving and quit the excuses. Nessajane left the most incredible comment on my last entry that really was the slap in the chops I needed:

DG, this is the time when a lot of people give up and make do…when they have reached a point in their weight loss when they feel that they are acceptably overweight and not grossly overweight.

You, my friend, need to re-visit some of your older journal entries and see how far you have come. Now is not the time for excuses, now is the time for bravery as this is a very courageous journey that you have embarked on.

So gather up all your courage and get on with the job so that one day you will find yourself coming out of the strain of the doing and going into the peace of the done.

I love that woman so much. She is right, I do feel acceptably, managably overweight now. And it’s easy to be complacent especially when you have the likes of your mother, sister and work colleagues telling you how nice you look, how very different.

But I know my body and the feel of my clothes and know I have not made much progress in the past six months. My efforts have not been consistent. A few weeks of full-on committment seems to be followed by a few weeks of slackarsed binging.

So I am not done yet and I do not want this to be the end. I want smaller, sexier clothes. I want muscle. I want to be fitter. So it’s time to get serious.

15 thoughts on “The Dietgirl Organisation

  1. Diet Girl – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi,Oi! You go girl. You know it isn’t just the people in your real world cheering you on – it is all of us out here too. We want you to succeed because you are a damn fine person and because it helps to strengthen our belief that we can succeed too.

    Fight the good fight and know that we are all here in the stadium chanting, cheering and stamping our feet, just waiting for you to cross that finish line!!!!


  2. Super huge (ha ha) congrats on breaking that 200lb mark! I’m so impressed and proud of you! At your height, which also happens to be my height, 200lbs looks pretty great! What’s your goal…somewhere around 170? My doctor thinks I should be 160 but I think she’s crazy. If I can make it as low as 190, I’m going to be happy. I’ve got 50 pounds to lose to get there.

  3. wilma you’re very kind mate! thanks so much πŸ™‚

    jude – ummm i dunno? i just type my weight in kilos into a converter thingy to find out how many pounds it is

    maggie – 190 sounds good! i am not really so fussed on a number but i am aiming for a UK size 14, that way i should be small enough to buy decent clothes, i think that’s an achievable target for my frame. still, when i get to a 16 i am going to be freakin euphoric πŸ™‚

  4. Woo! Congrats on breaking 200, 6-mo anniversary, new domain, and re-finding your motivation. You do look great, and it can only get better! I am quite envious, myself. (grin)

  5. oh how i’ve become too comfortable in the not-too-overweight but still pudgy category. it’s cozy here. let’s get up off of our asses and DO IT! oh, and congrats on the new domain!

  6. Maaaaaate,

    thanks but you’re doing more to keep me on the rails than you’ll ever know. Hoping to hear more about the mothership relationship changing gears. NJ

  7. Good to have you back!

    What is it with mothers and taking the gilt off the gingerbread? I suppose it’s hard to keep yourself from telling your kids what you think they should do… (sigh)

    14 kilos sounds like a lot to me. I mean, that’s about what I’m aiming to lose, total. I would also like to be a size 14. I can’t imagine myself any smaller since I don’t think I’ve actually ever been a 12 – before then I was in kids’ sizes. So – good luck with the getting serious – and congratulations on the “attitude change”. Could do with one of those myself (see above).

  8. right, burning 5 calories now. ;p

    anyway, hang in there. i just found your blog thru my sis. both of us are trying to lose weight AND both of us are at the plateau where the bloody scale needle ain’t moving! yes, i know the frustration but hang in there. it will come down.

    both my sister and i are doing the atkins diet as i did it last year and lost about 10 kilos. then i got off it after going on a holiday and eating again. put back on all that i’ve lost.

    now, am losing again as am back on the atkins’ diet. should really get off my lazy arse and go swimming. i find that going to the gym didn’t help except for toning the body and swimming will get rid of a lot of fat. however, if you stop swimming, you’ll get big again! i’m definitely proof of that!

    anyway, hang in there. there are lot of people out there rooting for ya. πŸ™‚ including this person. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey, DG! Question for you – is there ANYWHERE in the UK where you can find relatively cheap clothing? I’m headed to London in June to spend six months working and hanging out with my own boy, and as much as I hate spending all this money on new clothes here (in the US) before I go, I just know it’d be even worse for me financially if I wait til I get there. Any suggestions?

  10. $70 for a pair of trackpants?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Makes me never want to leave my good old Kmart where you can sometimes find an end of season trackie dack for $1 (true story).

  11. Wow! I just discovered this site today!! Amazing story. Everything about you is exactly me — those mean untrue childhood comments that screw us up to the point we are at. I hope that I have finally found inspiration enough to move forward to find the success that you have found. Your story is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing with me.

  12. If you are happy wearing not very expensive looking clothes but middle of the road stuff, and appropriate for work (blouses, trousers, skirts etc) then I would suggest Matalan. I work in a professional job and get away with their stuff. They also do have casual wear for slobbing about in, but I wouldn’t buy stuff for going out there. Have a look at and you’ll see they have lots of stores about the place.

  13. In the UK Primark has a lot of good casual stuff and is cheaper and better quality that Matalan. Stores on loads of High Streets.

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