Bring Home the Bacon

Sometimes you people make me cry with your kindness. After all these years you still leave beautiful comments and say nice things in emails and it just motivates me every single time. Thank you so very very much. Where would we be without the electric internet to find all these kindred tubby souls? I know my journey wouldn’t have been half as fun without you.

As I said in the last few entries, I’ve been losing and gaining the same few kilos for months now. I weighed myself at the gym on Monday, the first time I’d done so in 5 weeks – I was up to 91.7 kilos (202lb), a gain of 1.2 kilos (2.7lb). Och well. At least I know the damage now. I am just so irritated with myself for wasting so much time with this fluctuating weight. My jeans go tight normal loose tight. My Enell sports bra gets too tight, I lose a few kilos and it’s fine again, then I put them right back on and I’m squeezed in again. My mood goes blah euphoric blah. This pendulum thing is just frustrating.

I’m shooting for consistent behaviour, good habits and no extremes. My sister and I have five weeks before we head off on a three week Russia/Scandinavia tour that is pretty much the entire reason we have been working our insane 6-7 day weeks. It’s the main thing we wanted to do while living in the UK. I’d wanted to be close to my goal by then, but alas, it hasn’t happened. Instead my goal is just to get my eating habits in order by then, coz I know there’ll be lots of dodgy food on the tour.

My sis and I are determined to help each other out, she’s got a few unwanted kilos and wants to get back to her WW goal she reached way back in 2001. So we thought back to that year and what made it so successful for us both. It was really just small, consistent changes. These days, while our lunchtime salads are great, our evening meals tend to have too-big portions. So we’re going for lighter, more summery salady meals for the next five weeks before our trip so we can re-train our stomachs not to expect such hefty amounts of food.

Um, the above was actually written last week. I forgot to post it! I am pleased to report that the week went very well and I lost 1.6 kilos (3.2lb). Some of that might be lost muscle – I haven’t been to my Body Pump class in over a month. Even so, it was a good week.

Instead of my usual extreme behaviour – NO CHOCOLATE! – my sister and I decided to buy one 100g block of Green & Blacks Chocolate when we get our shopping on Tuesday night and share it. That’s only 50g of chocolate per week and a decent treat. Before we’d get one each which would lead to guilt and/or further indulgence.

14 thoughts on “Bring Home the Bacon

  1. Yay! I burned five more calories! Anyway, I have a lady like that at my work, actually, she sits across from me. She complains that she can’t lose weight because her kids and husband would never let her because she has to cook different things for them. It’s such bs. You’re not smug for thinking the lady was a dumbass because she is. And you personally know, like many of us, how much work and self control it takes to lose weight and if they’re not willing to work toward it, don’t complain! I love that last line. πŸ™‚

  2. Its all in the headspace, you’re right. If the head isn’t in it, the body can’t be. I’m learning this the hard way.

  3. That was both really amusing and really sad, because the worst part is that they truly believe those excuses. I’ve definitely dished my share of excuses before, but even while making them, I knew they were just excuses. But you can’t make someone believe something works until they’re really ready to learn it – that’s probably the hardest part of losing weight, except for that damn calorie counting. πŸ™‚

    DG – did you get my e-mail back to you? Just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost in cyberspace.

  4. Because with all due respect, bacon is up there with ambrosia for me. It’s the treat of all treats – when I eat it, I close my eyes and see heavenly stars. But it’s not a daily food. It very sadly has to be a very infrequent food. It took me a long time to realize that, and up until I did, I made excuses about bacon too. I hope she evolves. I hope that for anyone trying to diet.

  5. Its weird how the same thing can be utterly hilarious and stressfully irritating at the same time. Of course I have made excuses too. But I have such a problem with my mother in law!Shes a sweetheart and we get along like true mother and daughter:love each other to pieces and still want to kill each other various times a week! She needs to loose about 50 kilos and it seriously affecting her health – knees, back, blood sugar, etc. Lately that I’ve been loosing weight again, we have again started to discuss “the issue”. She told me an entire theory how the tab water makes her fat!!!! I was listening to her speechless. At the end she said…”It certainly is the water…I cannot find any other reason. I eat my lunch and dinner in the small plates for fruit. I only have a piece of toast for breakfast. And you know, the occasional “pinch” in the bread loaf” Man I tell you, she makes me mad!!! 5 pinches and the entire loaf is gone! Plus I am loosing weight because I drink bottled water, not cos I’m working my arse off!!! And when I asked…why dont you drink bottled water too..she said…eewwww it tastes bad!!!!!!

  6. Oh dear, I can hear myself in Excuse Lady too. People start giving me perfectly good advice and I go on the defensive and hear stupid things coming out of my mouth – things I KNOW are stupid. I just can’t take advice. Although when we’re talking food, I usually make the excuses inside my head these days. It saves embarrassment.

    Sounds like this lady’s last hope might be Atkins; you get to eat bacon on that, though not tattie scones, I admit! I couldn’t do it myself; I’m vegetarian so I’d be reduced to living off cheese and eggs, which sounds rather limited -quite apart from the possible health risks. But my dad’s had some success with the Dr Clarke plan, which is also low-carb but not as extreme. Again it’s easier for meat-eaters to follow, but I’m going to try to get my carbs from veggies rather than bread, potatoes and pasta this summer; giving up wheat worked for me before but I didn’t manage to keep it up for as long as I wanted. I was working in a restaurant at the time and finding lunch that wasn’t a baked potato wasn’t too easy. (Aaargh! There I go again with my excuses!)

  7. What you said at the end there couldn’t be anymore truer. I used to be in the right mind set (while on weight watchers) and I got out of it. The only time I’ve ever lost a substantial amount of weight was when my head and heart were into it. Keep up your good work. You inspire me.

  8. A friend gave me the link to your website recently. I’ve been browsing for over an hour now. You are an inspiration to many. Thanks for detailing your weight loss journey. πŸ™‚

  9. Good deal! You are my idol. πŸ™‚ Sounds like WW lady still has a ways to go. You shouldn’t feel at all bad about feeling cranky over that conversation – when you have the lightbulb moment, it’s difficult to ever imagine yourself as the Excuse-o-Matic you used to be.

    Excuse Making is still a huge problem for me, but I am employing the Baby Steps method of getting past it.

    (Tip: putting everything in caps makes it seem more important.)

  10. Spent last night and tonight trawling through your archives and you really, REALLY are amazing!

    Trust me, from a new reader’s perspective, what you have achieved is incredible. I am so envious.

    Been trying to get into the right headspace myself, so I’ve thrown myself back to the WW wolves and set up my own little bit of cyberspace to tell everyone about it.

    Baby steps indeed.

  11. A long time ago I happened upon your journal, read all there was to read and fired off an email to you that explained how you single-handedly inspired me to try to lose weight. You wrote me back and told me I should start a journal of my own. That was 2001. I am happy to say I took your advice.
    Enjoy your trip through scandinavia. Just be careful of the godis. It’s a temptation…the best chocolate in the world!

  12. A long time ago I happened upon your journal, read all there was to read and fired off an email to you that explained how you single-handedly inspired me to try to lose weight. You wrote me back and told me I should start a journal of my own. That was 2001. I am happy to say I took your advice.
    Enjoy your trip through scandinavia. Just be careful of the godis. It’s a temptation…the best chocolate in the world!

  13. Hi. I am from sweden, and really, my english sucks.. I have never read a english book all my life, i have never manage to read papers that are not in my own language (?), but your diary.. Read everything, from the start until this last piece, and I’m so impressed! You are my idol!! Hope you will reach your goal, hope you can manage not giving up on this last kilos, you come too far! I’ve lost 18 kilos myself, and have 10 more to go before I reach my goal. You have inspired me sooo much, and I think you’re fuckin amzing. Keep it so, please.
    Sorry, for my bad english πŸ˜‰

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