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I have added a Search thingy to my sidebar.  Now you can see the disturbingly high number of times I have written the word ‘chocolate’. 

I’ve been working this weekend.  In fact I’m at work right now, bad Dietgirl.  11am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday.  Then back to my other job in the morning.  That’ll be 13 days in a row when I finally get my day off next Sunday.  I am planning to finish this weekend job at the end of September after I’ve earned enough to pay for our next trip, and it won’t come a moment too soon. 

I’ve just realised today the terrible toll it has taken on my health.  Tacking a couple of shifts onto the end of a normal Monday to Friday job really seems to screw up my body clock.  I didn’t get up til 9.30am yesterday, missing my schedule run, and then when I got home from work at 8pm I slumped down to watch the Olympics.  The only productive thing I did was to get my laundry done.  Today isn’t looking much better. Well I remembered to book in for my Body Pump class, that’s something!

After fantastic week of healthy choices, my eating has been ordinary this weekend.  We were out of salad ingredients and since I slept in I didn’t get time to replenish our supply. So it was ham on toast for lunch.  Not ideal.  And Thai takeaway for dinner, non-greasy but not the best choice.  I was so proud of myself for resisting the giant box of chocolate biscuits, but then had two tiny Cadbury Heroes chocolates.  I have been trying to take a Quality Not Quantity approach and only having sparing amounts of lovely dark choc, this was just being sloppy today.  And that led to me adding butter to my toast when I had my break, then eating an Aero Chocolate Mousse.  Someone had left a six-pack of them in the fridge with a sign, Please Take One.  I scoffed one then nearly had another, just because it was there.

This really disturbed me, how quickly one sliver of chocolate can lead to a series of poor choices.  But as a brilliant reader wrote to me yesterday, "If you bite it, you gotta write it".  So it all will go in the journal, and I will know that I cannot have one little Cadbury Hero without it triggering off that craving.  You gotta learn from these things.

I cannot bloody wait to reclaim my wekeends. I was gazing rather pathetically out the bus window last night, looking at all those carefree folks enjoying the Edinburgh Fringe and wondering why the bloody hell I wasn’t out there living it up. Roll on September…

Forgive me if I sound a little flat today, blame the sugar or the fact that my lovely Boy is off gallavanting across the countyside again.

It seems all we ever bloody do is skip the country.  You may remember me bawling in February when he went to Canada for two weeks.  Then I went away for a week around Scotland when my mum visited.  Then he went to Romania for a week for work.  Then I went to Russia for three weeks.  Now he is off to France on his motorbike for two weeks driving round the Alps and down to the Riviera.  After that, he is back for one day before I go to the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) for two weeks.

(Btw, it may sound ridiculous and indulgent, all this travel.  But as you know I am here on a Working Holiday Visa, and the idea is to see Europe while you’re living on the right side of the world, hence my crazy working hours to pay for it. And he just bought his bike and is off with his mate to celebrate finally finishing his PhD.)

If you add all that up, that is almost three months apart out of the ten we’ve been together.  All this saying goodbye is exhausting.  This time I managed to hold my shit together, unlike when I left for Russia and cried for a good two hours. Hehe.

He just sent me a text message from the ferry to say he left his camera at home by mistake.  Which is *my* camera, incidentally.  How can you go on holiday without a camera?  He is so bloody disorganised.  And he just texted again to say, "Look out the window, the ferry is going past Edinburgh".  I cannae see you, dear, but hope you’re having fun…

What did I say about holding my shit together this time? Ummm…


I guess I am just all too aware that I only have 7.5 months til my visa expires.  What will become of us? O for shame! Star-cross’d lovers, and all that wank.  I still find it bloody amusing and baffling that I even have a boyfriend, let alone this whole Immigation Department Will Tear Us Apart palaver.

9 thoughts on “72 Results

  1. It’s not the least bit ridiculous or indulgent- your living life!- And I’m wildly envious. Here in the US with my measly 3 weeks vaca- I barely leave Boston twice a year.

    Woo hoo- to you for frequent updates!

  2. Ah, my life is complete ….I’m getting regular fixes of Diet Girl!

    With regards to the choccie thing. Just remember that an error in judgement is not a mistake – it is just another lesson learned.

    Keep up the great work. You have to plod on and lose that weight, if not only for your own satisfaction and health then because remaining overweight may result in you being homeless. You may have heard that there is an obesity epidemic here in Oz, so if you aren’t at your goal weight by the time you come home we may not be able to squeeeeeze you in!!! (I’m just joking by the way!)

  3. Aha, but love will find a way! hehehe yeah it sounds like dribble, but really, if you want it to, it will. My husband is from Indonesia and after a year or so of doing the ‘distance relationship’ thing, he came here to Oz (2 years ago) and we’re living happily ever after. So you never know, these things have a way of working themselves out if you really want them to πŸ™‚

  4. god that must be hard, parting is the hardest.

    understand that it is scary that you have to leave him. Have you ever concidered trying to extend your visa? it might work who knows. I dont know what rules they have there but it might work and can be worth a shot.

    there are always solutions to problems *S*

    I have had backlashes this weekend too
    thought I had an ok week and gained 0.2 kg???
    trying to blame that I started to excersise again but Im not sure. so there are more then you who are angry about eating wrong *S*

  5. parting is difficult, and being from different countries certainly doesnt help… after doing the long distance thing for 3 years we decided marriage was the way! 4 years into marriage and i dont think there was a better decision made. as Kimba said, love will find a way! its true, any member of the long distance relationship club believes it πŸ™‚

  6. I know how hard it is when you work too much – when I was studying (full time) I went straight from school to my evening job, and on weekends I was working in a bar. I had basically now time of my own – if I was too tired I skipped morning lessons at school – just to find out that I was behind and I had to study even harder πŸ˜€ I’m so glad it’s over. Well, at least you have the trip looming in the near future and I’m sure that gives some extra boost πŸ™‚ Take care my dearest Dietgirl!

  7. I’m just chiming in with a ‘me too!’ here. Eating the chocolate is not a mistake, just an opportunity to learn your weaknesses and how to adjust for them.

    And I too imported a husband and it can be done. The red tape can be heinous and long distance relationships can suck giant monkey balls, but it’s worth it.

  8. Hey DG,

    I just wanted to say I love you’re journal, you’re doing so well and you are absolutely gorgeous. Also, I know a guy who did the england thing and extended his visa by one or two years by studying, that might be an option. Take care :0)

  9. You know what dg, sometimes I wish I could give you my English ancestry or my teaching degree so you could stay in the UK (seeing as I’m staying put and have no need for them!) heh.

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