Raspberries and Bacon

Dietgirl Presents: A Week of Unfinished Blog Entries


Will need to come back to this day later. It was a biggun.



I did a Body Pump class this morning. I hadn’t been for a wee while. Okay, there was nothing wee about that while. I just checked my diary where I religiously write down every scrap of exercise. My last class was 31 May.

The class was at 6.30AM, it’s almost midday now and my muscles are still trembling. My forearms actually ache as I type. But it was so good! After such a long absence I had to put my weights down again (sigh) but I felt everything. My triceps burned right away, usually I have trouble nailing the triceps but today my form was excellent. The biceps were the same, and the lunges nearly killed me.

Oh but it’s all so good. Why did I ever stop? There’s nothing better than a Pump class, mindlessly lifting away while you mind is free to wander. Today I was thinking about raspberries. And bacon. Not together, though. Mostly I was thinking about exercise and the beautiful calm it gives me. Already I was plotting when I could come to another class, how I was going to fit it in with the running schedule.

I’m finding it difficult to schedule all this exercise in. Lovely Julia’s walk/run program is 4 sessions a week, but I need to fit in three gym visits a week in order for my hefty membership to be financially viable. Right now I don’t quite feel fit enough to do all that. Next week I will shoot for the Friday Pump class again and perhaps a Body Balance, I could do with a good stretch.


I can barely walk. I feel like my chest has been ripped open with those chest-rip-opener thingies they have on ER. But I today I managed to get through my entire Saturday shift without eating anything from the biscuit tin. The previous Sunday I ate four chocolate digestives and then read the label (hydrogenated vegetable oil, etc) and wept.


Bad, bad walk/run this morning. I normally eat half a banana and some water before heading out, but I woke up late so forgot to eat (6AM is the only time I could ever possibly *forget* to eat). I was so, so very weak and mostly walked the 50 minutes I was out. Energy level never caught up for the rest of the day. Will not do that again.


Here we are again, up to date. I am bored off my tits at work and looking at recipes on the BBC Food website. It’s not a good idea to look at recipes when you’re hungry. It’s the usual 3 o’clock munchies. I have eaten my stash of apples and dried apricots, and I am bored with pumpkin seeds and almonds. I deliberately left my wallet at home so I couldn’t raid the chocolate machine. But all I can think about it chocolate. Run me a bath of molten chocolate and I shall go splish splashing in it.

This entry makes no sense but is designed to let you know I am still alive!

6 thoughts on “Raspberries and Bacon

  1. DG- could you share the training details of Julia’s program? I’d like to join you and your sister!



  2. I am more and more curious about Body Pump. September ends my yearly subscription in the gym. I have utilised it for a month more or less – less rather 🙁 But my wise man told me today that I can go and “freeze” it so I will have a few weeks left to try things. Perhaps when I get back… (on a more personal note, you could copy the yellow pages here and I’d still cherish every word. Cos something tells me you’d choose the right yellow pages to copy!)

  3. I too need to get back into bodypump. I just did what you did and looked back to the last time and it was 10th May – SHOCKER!!!!!! still doing exercise, but not pump!!! so i am doing it tomorrow!!! thanks for the kick up the butt lol

  4. wow 5 cals per comment? i should have sent one earlier 😉
    just wanted to say ive been following your progress & love your blog! you’re a great inspiration! those body pump classes sound brutal! i should try one.

  5. Nice to hear from you again (as always :))
    I totally know what you mean by sore muscles – I can barely walk today after squatting and lunge:ing at the gym yesterday after 3 weeks total laziness. But it’s nice though, at least I know I have some muscles, otherwise they would not be sore, da?

    Dearest Dietgirl, have an awesome weekend!

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