Return of The Hunger

I’ve started a wee blog about the Olympics. Basically it’s about me lusting after male athletes and making smutty remarks, but I am updating it a few times a day.  So if you’re one of those lovely people who like to write emails gently reminding me to update this blog, you will find plenty of action on Going for Gold.

And yes, that is a link to my non-fat blog on the sidebar.  What the hell, eh?  You can check that out if you get bored, but if you leave a comment please don’t say "HI DIETGIRL!" or similar πŸ™‚ Hehe.

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I am very scared and tentative to tell you all this, but I think I’ve got The Hunger back.  You know, the Week One mindless determination kind of feeling. That feeling when you are just aching to exercise and eat properly, coz you so badly want to do well and shift some serious lard.

This feeling has been missing for about ten months or so.  I haven’t stopped traveling/shagging/working to just take a break, slow down and look at what’s been going wrong.  It’s a simple matter of organisation and planning.  And just needing to remind myself that I want to lose more weight, that I am not as fit as I want to be.  I just haven’t had that hunger.

Writing here more frequently has helped.  So has the Food Journal.  I’ve also been reading heaps of diet blogs, which does wonders for the motivation.  I have subscribed to dozens via Bloglines.  This means I don’t leave many comments but to all you crazy kids in Blogland, thank you for your inspiration!

I felt good after our walk/run this morning.  I have to admit, after 5 weeks I still find it a slog and I don’t look forward to it like I do my gym classes.  It doesn’t give me the horn like a dance class or lifting weights.  I never wake up and go, "yay, running!".  I don’t sit staring at my diary trying to figure out where I can squeeze in more running, like the way I stare at the gym class timetable and wonder how to fit another classes into my schedule. 

However, once I am out there, it’s kinda nice.  I like the fresh air, I like the quality time with my sister, I like the emptiness of the park at 6AM.  Most of all I like how it’s just me and my body and I can make it go slightly further and longer with every passing week.

I ate breakfast at home today, for the first time in months.  I’ve been obsessed with getting to work earlier so I can leave earlier, and end up eating brekkie at my desk.  But I am tired of everyone going "ewww!" at the sight of my yogurt, fruit, muesli and seeds, so I made the time to eat at home.  It didn’t take long, having measured out the muesli and pumpkin seeds before our run, and it was rather relaxing.  And I didn’t walk to the bus stop feeling headachy, as I have been.  I think by waiting til I got to work meant I was setting myself up for overeating later on.

Getting The Hunger back is all about making sane decisions about food, not based on emotions and/or mindless chocolate purchases.  I am determined to continue and stay fired, even when I am away on my holiday.  Lordy, I hope the food ain’t too wacky in the Baltics.

17 thoughts on “Return of The Hunger

  1. I’m sickly- so excited. Full blog access! Sweet Jesus- more juicy tidbits to destract me from my God forsaken employer. Thank you *ahem* Shauna. Ok when did I become some sort of blogging geekoid. Ahh well..

  2. I stumbled upon your other site one day and I read the about and I was like, “Hmmm, this girl’s doing the same thing dietgirl is doing.” Hehhehehehe that’s hillarious.

  3. I think your breakfast sounds good, not sure why they would eeewwww it at all at work. People spend too much energy on other peoples food as far as Im concerned.

    I hate running too. Ive been trying a few times in my life but I just cant motivate myself. My mind is bored sooner then my body so when I get tired I just cant find the motivation to go on and press myself as I can when I do aerobics or so. But I will give it another shot when Ive lost another 10 kg.

    We have this site called where they have schedules on how to train for short and long events up to a marathon. I will try that. It sounds abit like what you are doing but that is later on.

    Im starting to build up some motivation too, what you call hunger. I so hope I will be able to hold on to it and finally get some results on the scale as well.

    Now going to check out your other sites *L*

  4. Food in the Baltics isn’t so bad, honestly! Just keep away from the chocolate and it’ll be OK (this from the girl who devoured 100g of dark chocolate today and has been feeling sick ever since).

  5. ahhh ‘The Hunger’. Only I call it ‘The Want’, heh. (Reading your blog is like reading my own thoughts!) It’s good when you can find it again, isn’t it? Good for you!

  6. Glad you’ve got the hunger back, it makes it so much easier when your motivation is back.

    As for the other sites [bookmarks and reads furiously]

  7. ha! I KNEW you had to be Shauna of the pussycat fame. I’d been reading both independantly for a little while now and have been wondering. Confirmed at last!

  8. The first time I ever went running was in a park in Brussels. I’d never had much of a turn of speed, but I was all motivated for some reason. But I’d only been going a minute when a grandmotherly old lady with a big black dog stopped me and asked me if I was all right, because “you look as though you’re going to die”. Only in French.

    Well, that was encouraging.

    Six years on, I can still remember that the dog’s name was Cachou. I never have managed to get into running.

  9. if you like meat you’ll love baltic food! i highly recommend cevapcici, not the best health food ever but neither is the majority of it.. the good thing is you dont need much, its quite substantial πŸ™‚ have a fab trip!!

  10. cripes im getting my regions mixed up… cevapcici is balkan not baltic, sorry LOL. i’ll just crawl away now πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m sorry! I was mistaken! We have no chocolate here! None at all!

    Just… don’t go into any grocery stores when you’re here, OK? πŸ™‚

  12. I love the Olympic blog! Wow you’re so good – you should start selling your posts to glossy magazines, I’m sure you’ll make a fortune when people get hooked and buy the magazine every month just to read what’s up in Shauna’s corner πŸ™‚ It’s really a highlight of the day when I open up the computer at work in the morning and find out that there’s a new post by Dietgirl πŸ™‚

    Take care!


  13. So finally, your two worlds have collided. Thank God for that! I have always thought that the day you confessed to being both pussycat and dietgirl that things would happen for you. It is a big step and I’m very proud of you. NJ

  14. Hi! I know this was, what, 3 years ago? But I just found your blog recently and am going through your archives. I’m finding them hilariously close to home, poignant, inspiring–probably more than you ever dreamed of. Hope you don’t mind my commenting now and then when something hits me. I weigh around 250 lbs (I’m afraid to get on the scales right now)–had gotten up to 272, lost down to 230-something but then had a breast cancer scare and went into full-fledged panic mode, which meant eating everything in sight. I also had to quit going to the gym after my surgery. So now I’m trying to get going again, and switched about 7 weeks ago to a vegetarian diet. You’re inspiring me!!!

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