Back to the Fat

Two weeks have passed since I got back from my holiday and I have still not returned to the gym! For shame! We’re off to Body Jam this arvo though. Knowing my luck the songs will have changed, so I will spend the hour swearing and untangling my feet rather than getting a decent workout, but you gotta start somewhere.

. . .

According to my math(s), approximately 97.537% of married Dietgirl readers met their spouse online. That figure may be slightly enhanced but from the comments (and an email) sparked by my O, Tortured Love Life entry, it seems this is the way of the future! You all seem incredibly happy and best of all (from my selfish point of view) it allowed you to give me oodles of advice and Things To Think About while I wasn’t busy curling up in a ball and freaking out.

Smalls_1 But then! Everything changed on Tuesday night. I went along to a gig featuring my boy and his band. It was the first time I’d seen him in action. So it was true, after all, he does know how to play that bass, he does spend his Saturdays in a dingy studio that reeks of Man Fumes for good reason. He walked on stage, squinted through the lights til we made eye contact, then gave me a goofy grin and The Fist Of Rock, a la Derek Smalls in Spinal Tap.

And that’s when I felt like I’d been punched in the guts. All of a sudden I just knew, knew knew knew, that I had to have this guy in my life no matter what. Whatever it takes, I’ll do it, and I’ll be happy to do it. All my doubts and fears and freaking out seemed trivial, just annoying little technicalities that we could bumble our through. I just saw everything with perfect clarity, what I wanted, where I wanted to be, and suddenly felt so peaceful.

Let’s hope the feeling’s mutual! Mwahaha.

. . .

Anyway, back to the fat.

My sister and I were both financially crippled by our holidays but we’re in desperate need of some new clobber. Our jeans in particular are looking tired. We want new jeans! But we cannae afford them for awhile. And we don’t want to buy new jeans in our current sizes. Myself in particular – in the past 3.5 years I have bought six new pairs of jeans and each time they were smaller than the last. My current pair were purchased on 4 November 2003 (hours before the first Hot Date with the Scotsman) and have been worn approximately five times a week and almost 11 months later are still the same perfect fit. This is soooo infuriating, especially since in the six months before that I’d gone down two sizes. I’m not used to needing new clothes because they’re worn out – I’ve only been buying new clothes coz the old ones fell off.

So we have set ourselves The Six Week Challenge. Six weeks to scrape together the dosh for fresh denim, and six weeks for the old pair to become at least a little roomy so the new purchase feels financially justified. Our plan is all about gym classes and morning walk/runs, wholesome food, journalling and NO SCALES. Time and time again the pair of us have let our motivation be slaughtered by the scale. We’d weigh in right before our gym class, and if it was bad we’d spend the whole class moaning about how useless we were, how it was all for nothing, looking in the mirrors and pointing out flaws. Which totally takes away from the fact that you made the effort to get to the class and move your ass. Which is 1000 times more important than a number on a scale.

Do you think I can go six weeks without peeking? Hmmm…

17 thoughts on “Back to the Fat

  1. yes Yes you can!
    Ooo. THis is motivating me to finally get my rump in motion. I’ve been slacking for months-
    You can do it! (Were counting on you!)

  2. The scale is evil. Evil! Because it doesn’t matter what you weigh or how much weight exactly you’ve lost…only that you look the way you’d like and that you’re healthy. So why? Why the scale? It’s like I need that extra bit of proof. My clothes tell me I’ve lost weight, but for some reason I don’t believe them. I hop on, expecting a magical number, but no. Same number. Even though it’s possible to have lost lots of fat and gained lots of muscle and remain at the same weight, seeing the numbers, unchanged, is such a morale-killer and slap in the face. We are inclined to believe the scale more than our own bodies. Stupid. Now excuse me, my wedding ring feels loose, I must go weigh myself.

  3. Um, I’ve lost 8 pounds between now and a month ago. I don’t know what to think! I guess the stress of the wedding (which made me gain weight) has abided, allowing me to stop eating Fruit and Nut bars. Go me!

  4. def. You can stay away from the evil scales. have not weighed in since July 6 and my weigh in is OCT 2. It is liberating!!

  5. I read 4 times the word Knew in your post. One in normal letters, three in italics. As the letters curled, so did my lips (not sure this is english). But you put the first smile of today in my face. I am so happy for you. Ah…and I am certain you can do with no scales. There is always the tape measure ;o)

  6. Im sure you can make 6 weeks specially when you can try clothes on as a messurement.

    I always have a clothing that is too small. That I have bought in a size smaller then I am now. Then I use that one as a “carot clothing”. I try it on on a regular basis to see if it fits better. Then I start to wear it when it is still abit small but fit okeish.

    Right now I have a carot skirt. A nice one that I bought on H&M with a jacket. Im almost in the skirt but the jacket will take another 5 kg or so.

    Im down to 2 figures now. It feels great as you said. I dont think it is me there on the scale. And I started to run. Inspiration from you and the scary thing is that I like it!! I have never in my life before liked to run it has always always been so boring and a drag and now it is great. Specially when I can run in the forrest or in the nature.

  7. I met my bloke on the internet too! But it was a dating service thingy to meet local people. No long distance love for us.

    My parents are the international love story I want to share: My dad graduated from Cambridge in England and had a job lined up with a bank in his sleepy home town. He realized that if he took it, he’d be a banker in Exeter all his life, and probably bored. So he wrote a letter to the DEAN of University of California, Los Angeles, and asked for a job! Cheeky git. Wonder of wonders he was actually offered one, teaching German.

    My mother was in his class, second row, batting her eyelashes at the cute English guy and not paying attention to her Deutsche much. She requested some extra help to catch up after being sick, and they fell in love (but most emphatically DID NOT DATE until she wasn’t his student any more…that’s the story anyway, suuuure Mum and Dad…).

    This was the final quarter of that academic year, my Dad’s visa ran out in October, and they got to know each other in June. In 1964 nice girls did not apply for a visa to the UK to go cohabit with a cute Englishman to see how things went, in 1964 nice girls got married. So they did. After knowing each other for 4 months. My mother had never left California, and she married Dad and moved accross the world after knowing him for FOUR MONTHS!

    Here they are in London [>] So cute.

    I guess they Just Knew too, because it worked out well. I just got back from visiting them for their 40th wedding anniversary and they’re still happy, working on their new status as “old”, and looking forward to getting away with being more eccentric.

  8. thanks groovers! yep! can do it!

    sorry if my English was confusing, Argy! I was just really trying to emphasise that i KNEW he is the man for me. hehe.

    Maggie i love your comment, i think you’re right – it’s like we want extra proof. mathematical proof! it’s ridiculous! i can walk into the gym and think “wow my bra is getting loose” then three minutes later be in tears coz of the scale. arrgh.

    Hanna – sounds like you are kickin ass! good on you! it’s great when you find an exercise that just ‘does it’ for you.

    rosemary grace – AAAWWWWWW that is the best story ever! and 40 years together! SWOON! i bloody love it πŸ™‚

  9. YAY for No Scales! I’m with you on that. Sick of feeling like a failure because of some number on the scales which doesn’t show all the OTHER positive changes happening in my body. I’m planning to weigh-in monthly and see how that goes.

    BTW you need jeans? I have 2 pairs of barely-worn Jeanswest jeans (one dark denim, one light) that I’m about to give to charity. They are undoubtedly too big for you!?! (AUS size 18-20) but they’re bootleg and kinda fitted, and you’re pretty tall, so maybe they’d be OK? The dark ones are kinda stretchy. How about I send them to you anyway and if you don’t like them you can give them to charity there? Although I completely understand if you don’t want hand-me-downs, heh, but they’re in good condition, and I thought maybe they’d do for a few weeks at least, given your financial situation…? Anyway, let me know…

  10. I one of of those “KNEW” moments as well. My soon to be husband was in Australia and I was in the US. We were chatting online … or I really should say, fighting online. I can’t even remember why. I do remember we had been fighting a lot. Looking back I think most of it was the stress of his soon arrival and all the fears of meeting each other face to face. Plus, I was working nights and staying up in the mornings to chat with my Aussie boy.

    Anyway, I stood up and reached my had down to turn off the computer to stop all this fighting and worry and anxiety. My hand hovered over the off switch for a few seconds and then I just knew. I knew that this was going to work out and I knew that I shouldn’t throw it away because I was tired or anxious. It was like this wave of realization washed over me. I slowly say back down and told him I loved him.

    He arrived in the US on November 1997 and we’ve been married since Jan 1998.

    DG, why oh why oh WHY didn’t you warn me about the Cheese and Bacon Shapes?? And the Mint Slice? TO DIE FOR!

  11. Ahh.. internet meetings.. I met my man via an internet dating site. Trouble was he lived in another part of New Zealand. I moved to his city after 6 months of going back and forth by plane EVERY weekend!

    My sister met her husband off the internet 7 years ago. He was in California and she in NZ. The met after a couple of months, he proposed and within 1 month she had sold up everything, moved to USA and they were married at Las Vegas! Now thats not so unusual except that it was her 4th marriage and she’d never, ever met the right one who “got” her. Seven years later – still together.

    I wish you and your “boy” all the joy and luck in the world and good luck too with your six week challenge!

  12. Hey,

    I’m just curious if you’ve ever read anything like “The Beauty Myth” or “Never Too Thin.”

    I’m also curious (and I promise this isn’t an attack or anything, just thoughts I had when reading): what will you do when you reach your “goal”? Will you stop dieting? Will this blog die?


  13. I’m gonna do that too!! I’m going on the Dietgirl Challenge! I’m going to wait 8 weeks – fancy that, just before the Christmas party season – and see how much weight/how many cms I can lose (I’ve been on a scale plateau for 3 months, just cracked it last week, hurrah).
    BTW, I met my man 2 days after I left my first husband, & a week later he (new man) proposed a week later, and I accepted. We have been married for 4 yrs and now have a gorgeous daughter. So trust that feeling, it often turns out to be true and good and right πŸ™‚

  14. Yeah, you can ignore those evil scales for six weeks, you can do anything!

    I’m so glad you had that moment watching him play. You’ve already done a crazy thing, moving halfway around the world just because you can. Another crazy thing, like maybe marrying the man you love, is nothing.

    Beams to you and your boy and luck and everything you need for this to be fabulous!

  15. Nooooo! I meant if my words (lips curling and stuff) were correct english!!!! The knew knew knew knew you said melted me and made me smile!!!!

  16. thank you miss tree πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    kimba – monthly weigh-in sounds good, just to get an overall picture of how things are going… will email you about the other stuff!

    stephene – great story! oh dear, they should warn about mint slices. it should be on the immigration application forms πŸ™‚

    lynda – 4th time lucky for your sis, eh? there’s hope for all of us!

    argy – whoops! i think i need some english lessons πŸ™‚

    james – i sent you an email but i think this blog will never die as noone in the real world wants to know about my workouts and breakfast choices, hehe.

    LBTEPA – that is amazing that you found your new guy 2 days after, holy crap! just goes to show you have to roll with the punches in life. there really isn’t a ‘proper time’ for things to happen, you just have to trust your feelings i think.

  17. I’m soo behind you!! I’ve put off buying new jeans so long that the pair I have are a public embarassment – two HUGE holes right under the pockets. You’d think I’d throw them away, right?

    Noooo – instead I’ve learned to wear saucy boxers under them! Every time I go shopping for new ones, I can’t find any that look cute aka not fat. Between the prices, the pre-teen salesgirls, and the nasty new styles, I’ve been adrift for over a year now.

    What type of jeans do you buy?

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