The Devil’s Cheese

Yesterday I decided I needed to take my tracking more seriously. While I enjoy scribbling (bitching, ranting) in my food diary, I still have no real awareness of how much I’m actually consuming as I don’t count calories or points. I headed back to NutriDiary then remembered how it’s American-ness annoyed me. After poking round on the Goog I found Weight Loss Resources. It may not have a sexy name but it has a massive database of UK food products.

I’ve signed up for the three-day free trial (Try saying Three Day Free Trial three times without getting your tongue tangled). I’m pretty impressed thus far. The design and navigation are somewhat clunky but I think I’d be willing to put up with it and pay Β£9 month (Β£7 month if you sign up for six months) just to use the excellent tools. The database is tops, it had my Yeo Valley Yogurt, the Tesco Finest Mediterranean Chutney, the Cauldron Organic Mushroom Burgers. I can see why Americans go for FitDay and Aussies like Kimba go DietClub. It is so easy when you can find the local, specific brands and get accurate nutritional information. You can save your favourite foods and make ‘recipes’ of things you frequently eat together. I made one for my yogurt/muesli/seeds/banana combo that I have for brekkie and another for the basic salad I chop up for my lunch. Easy peasy.

So it does the usual stuff like tell you where your calories are from (fat, protein, carbs), lets you log your weight and measurements, sets your calorie level depending on how much you want to aim to lose each week. It also has a pretty nifty exercise log that links into the food log. I was impressed to find specific classes like Body Pump and Combat. No Body Jam though, I put that down as Intense Aerobic Dancing.

(Which was FREAKING intense last night I can tell you. I went to the Body Jam Clinic for half an hour before and Vanessa asked my sister and I did we want help with any particular moves. “All of them,” I said. “I am rubbish at ALL OF THEM!”. She cackled but did she not realise I was serious! She also broke down the technique for “chest pumps”, ie sticking your tits out and butt out and pumping your arms like you’re some little bikini-clad slut in a cage in an MTV video. She kept telling me I need to push my boobs out more. I COULDN’T! My bloody Enell sports bra had squashed the girls into submission!)

So I ate 1694 calories yesterday. This was an eye-opener like you would not believe. I had an extremely healthy eating day, but I was alarmed at where the calories added up. One little ounce of mild cheddar cheese was 115 cals, 9.6g fat. FARK! How many times over the past few months have I nibbled at the cheese block? No wonder I haven’t lost any weight. So with all the data laid out in front of me I quickly saw what was going on and how I could cut calories and fat. Rather than buy some shitey low fat cheese I’d rather skip it altogether or have it a couple times a week. That would bring the fat down heaps and leave just good fats like my walnuts, brazils and avocado – although now I know to just eat three brazils and not half the frigging packet.

Interesting stuff, I tells ya. While I have basically stuck to wholesome, non-processed foods lately, evidently my portions have let me down. And so have my nutty Bullshit Calories. It’s time for me to wake up and acknowledge what I am really eating and keep track of it in a solid, practical, mathematical way. I’m going to aim for around 1500 cals, which is what Slimming magazine recommends for someone who has between 1 and 3 stone to lose. I have just over 3 stone (about 20 kilos) to the top of my healthy range, so I’ll see how I go with that for starters.

Already I am thinking about things. It’s been ages since I felt such awareness. I’m thinking about everything I eat and wondering what effect it will have on my food diary. I’m thinking about how to fit in more exercise so I can log that. I’m thinking about pestering the Scottish Companion for Hot Action tonight coz I’m sure that burns off a lot. It’s rather sad to shag with Alan Titchmarsh on the telly hosting British Isles: A Natural History but that didn’t stop us last week. Ewww! That annoying bloke with the Lego Man hair is watching us!

Well my shoulders are so freaking sore from Body Jam last night that I am just too tired and moany to type any more! Ha! So stay tuned, groovers. Hope you’re all well, and as always, lovely to hear from you and hope your own weeks are going great guns!

21 thoughts on “The Devil’s Cheese

  1. I have no idea what I’m eating. I’m afraid to find out. The truth is I’m eating a lot, but I find it almost impossible to monitor myself by writing it down…I inadvertently go on my “best behaviour” and only eat very sparsely when I’m recording so I have no concept of the real damage. What I need is to have someone follow me around secretly and document everything I do without my knowledge, and then present me with the information afterward. Then I’ll know for sure.

  2. I just sent you core. I think you will like it. And I so understand what you mean about portions. I am a big eater myself and it took me a month while I started WW for the first time with the points system to realise that eating grilled meat for 4 will never make me loose weight!

  3. I have this Swedish program that Ive used since over a year it is like the one you are using but cheaper. I like it cause it is good and cheap. Lots of others feel like they are just out there to make money on us fat people.

    They have said for a long time that htey will release an aussie version but Im not sure if they will. I love how it aslo shows lots of vitamins so I know if I eat right, not just the right amount of calories, carbs, fat ect but also vitamins. When I use it strict I do loose wight. it is a fact

    But who doesnt love Alan Titchmarsh? I think he is so good *L*.

  4. Question: What were your Google search terms to find a British food log? (LOVE your phrase ‘poking round on the Goog’ BTW!) Because I find fitday a little bit too American centric for me as well (I’m Canadian) so if you could tell me those search terms – approximate will do of course, I’d be grateful!

  5. I am DYING to try something new myself – WW has become a drag and I’ve started and stopped and started again so many times – it just ain’t happening. I’ve also been maintaining my (still fat) weight for about 2 years now so it’s just not working anymore, or rather, I’M not working IT. I really wish we had Core here as well (I’m in England) but can’t seem to find a comprehensive list anywhere as of yet. (Argy, where’d you find it?!) I am lovin’ your enthusiasm though πŸ™‚ You always leave me with a smile so keep it up, girlie. (Oh and by the way, I tried to sign on for a 3 day trial on WLR but I’m getting a dead link! Bloody typical! I’ll have to try again later!)

  6. I gained some weight recently! I started to count calories again. I couldn’t believe how many calories I was eating before 11 AM! When I first started out on my weight lose I wrote down everything. I need to get back to that.

  7. Hey thanks for the plug πŸ™‚

    It’s very much an eye opener isn’t it, when you add up every single calorie and gram of fat. Using Dietclub may have helped me gain – 1600 cals/day is too much! But it really taught me to be aware of what I’m eating and of how many calories my body really needs (the hard way, heh), even more than WW ever did because when you’re counting points, you tend to lose sight of other nutritional factors.

    That’s why I’m using a combination of both now – counting points and tracking it using Dietclub as well.

    It’s great to hear you fired up – Good luck!

  8. Try parmesan. More bang for your buck (or calories, as the case may be), and a chunk can live in your fridge forever. (looks impressive too!)

  9. At the moment, WW points are working for me, but I am intrigued by what Kimba has found out via DietClub. I might give it a go one of these days, especially when I hit a plateau.

    I’ll have to give up the cheese, I think. I won’t eat shite low-fat stuff and, while I’m still losing, eating some every day probably isn’t doing my bloody cholesterol levels any favours. [sigh]

  10. Cheese is one of my downfalls too! Sharp Cheddar especially. Growing up in the UK, with a parent from dairy country (Devon) had something to do with it I’m sure. My Dad lives on fruit, vegetables, and cheese (and extra-thick double cream).

    I have discovered something wonderful though: Laughing Cow spreadable cheese triangles, the light ones. They’re 35 calories, and one triangle is a good satisfying flavourful cheese fix. I have one every couple of days as a snack. Hopefully they’re available in europe too, I had laughing cow in the UK first.

    Paying attention and really counting everything has been the plateau breaker for me this past month. I’m 10lbs down and lighter than I’ve been in 4 years, maybe longer. Reading your exploits most definitely inspired me to get off my arse and stop leaving my weight up to chance encounters with cookies in the office.

    Cheers DG.

    PS-watch out for that M&S “wickedly sharp” cheddar.

  11. Mwah! I had to stop going to Body Jam because of freeking “chest pumps” – I looked so rediculous that I blushed and could not move anymore…don’t you just hate those? 1700 Kcal a day does not sound like much for someone who exercizes regularly – of course we are individuals so some folks might not lose with that. I’m maintaining with 1800-2000Kcal, feel never hungry and clothes fit well, but I also exercize a lot so I guess I need the fuel πŸ™‚ Take care, I love reading The DG!

  12. I used to use FitDay, which I did find useful for working out how many calories I was using up per day (I don’t know how accurate it is, but at least I got some idea of how an hour of cycling, say, matches up to swimming or walking). But I found it took a lot of time to enter in what I ate – even when it wasn’t branded stuff. I would eat a banana and then get hung up over estimating how big it had been, because of course I forgot to weigh it first.

    In fact, even UK branded stuff was easier once I’d entered all the details in once as “Custom”, because you can estimate what proportion of a packet of something you’ve just eaten.

    I think I got too dependent on it, though, because once I stopped having time to use it I lost track entirely of what I was putting in my mouth for a while. But it was useful while I did have time.

  13. shagging in front of Alan Titchmarsh! you perv! Not that he’d mind, someone gave me one of his books once, full of naughtiness it was, I was shocked.

  14. hehehe…

    cheers for all your thoughts!

    i am still not quite sure about the calories. i seem to be hitting around 1600-1800 these past three days. i think i will just keep just eating ‘normally’ without being too conscious about cutting back, just to get into the habit of tracking. then i can see if i lose or gain or maintain, then after that will come the tweaking…

  15. This is why I love the Core: No counting anything. Just buy the right foods when grocery shopping and then eat whatever you have in your house!!

  16. yeah the core is fine if you’re someone who knows when to stop eating. i’ve seen the plan and i think it looks fantastic, but for me i know i’d end up eating too much.

  17. I eat a lot too. The chicken mince thingy I cooked the other day had a kg of chicken and a cup of bulgur. Mh husband ate a little bit of it because my mom had given us a salty pumpkin pie with feta cheese which he adores and his main dinner were the pie. He had perhaps 3-4 tablespoonfuls of the mince just to try it and I had the rest!!! But I weighed this morning and I have lost 1.1 kg since Monday!

  18. I’ve stopped counting calories. I joined Slimming World and have become a total convert. Why? I’ve lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks. I feel so positive about it. And there is no weighing or measuring. You can eat ‘grilled meat for 4’ if you want to. You should see what I’ve been eating and still losing weight.

    I don’t know why it works but it just does. Essentially it involves eating mostly carbs on green days and mostly protein on original days but you still eat carbs on original days and protein on green days – so it’s not extreme. I can’t speak highly enough of it. I’ll get my 1st stone sticker next week and I can’t wait. If anyone wants to check it out the website is

  19. I hve benn over eating for the past couple of weeks and have gaied 7lbs. today i have made a dicision that i’m going to lose this weight.

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