Barely There

Just another quickie to let you know I am alive. I have managed to screw up my right arm, shoulder and back again. Longtime readers may remember in 2001 I overdid it with the computer on a very, very repetitive job which ended in time off work and months of  physiotherapy. Last week I was typing a shocker of a document and neglected to stretch or rest properly. As a result I have been waking up around 2 every morning when the ibuprofen wore off in so much pain I thought I would vomit. I have sat for hours with my back pressed to the radiator trying to ease the tension.

Finally I went to the doctor this arvo and she cranked my arm like a windmill. You could hear the tendons all gristle and crackly. She says it is quite inflamed. She gave me me a referral to a physio and agreed with my suggested treatment of weights, rowing and stretching at the gym, which is how I fixed it last time round. I am going to try that for a week and see if it helps rather than fork out for physio straight away.

Anyway, I won’t whine any longer. I haven’t been to the gym in a week as I have been too busy laying around moaning and feeling sorry for myself. Ha! But I will book in for Body Pump on Thursday and that should get the muscles singing in a pleasant way.

You want some positive news, yes? Erin of the famous Lose The Buddha blog just received the advance copies of Tales From The Scale, the book she slaved over this year in between getting married and working like a mofo. I am so excited about this that I could spew. Why? Because I am lucky enough to be one of the contributing writers. If you look at her December 5 entry you can see I am in some excellent company, so you can imagine I was chuffed when she asked me would I like to write something for all eight chapters of the book. At the time it was grueling, I had to dig back into my brain (and my archives) to remember how I used to feel and how much has changed. I read over my chapters the other day when I was feeling particularly low and frumpy and it was real kick up the arse. I have come so far, so all I need to do is put in the effort and there’ll be no reason why I can’t go even further.

This book is going to be rockin, so why not go ahead and pre-order yourself a copy on Amazon so you’ll get a nice little surprise come May 2005. I can’t bloody believe I’ll be in a real live freakin BOOK! I have dreamed of that since I was a wee tot. Holy crap. Thanks very much, Miss Erin.

My sister flies out to Australia tomorrow so I better go help her pack. More soon!

15 thoughts on “Barely There

  1. Congratulations on the book! How exciting!

    Take it easy with your arm and let it heal up properly. If you’re down AND not well, it can really compound things, so take care of you!

  2. I have Erin’s book on my Amazon wishlist. I’m hoping someone loves me enough to buy it for me, heh. Then I can tell my DH “see these bits here by Dietgirl? I KNOW her! Well, I virtually know her. Well, we leave comments on each other’s blogs.” heh πŸ™‚

    What a bugger about your arm-shoulder-back. Sending you lots of ‘get better soon’ vibes. Sounds like you have a good plan for healing it up though πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so sorry you are in pain petal :o( But I did read Erin’s entry and I did feel proud of you! I cannot wait till I get the book too!!!

  4. heya! oh no! Sore arm and normally that is the time when you say, “sucked in, I can’t exercise” but not you, your remedy is to go to the gym! What a woman! I have heard that cuddles with hot scottish men can help too! Or is that something else?

    Good work with the book. Will definitely be getting myself a copy!

  5. Woohoo! Isn’t it exciting!

    I’m so pleased for you – ALMOST left a comment about it here when I saw Erin mention you, but I didn’t want to take away from your announcement (that limelight is yours by right – enjoy it!).

    No surprise that Erin likes your stuff though, since I found your site through hers.

    Go gentle on your arm – your description of the gristly, crackly noises made me wince…

  6. WOW! Congrats on getting published! πŸ˜‰ That is awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

    Take good care of the arm — I was wincing right along with Kirsten on that one!

  7. Well, it looks as if you’re still losing weight–the number on the right went from 209 to 202! Good for you, girl!!! ~j

  8. Crap, I was SURE I had posted a congratulatory message about being publised and a sympathetic comment about owie bits and not letting yourself get too run down when you’re not feeling all that special to begin with.

    But I can’t see it here, so I’ll do it again.

    Er, except I just did…

  9. Do you mean that I can read Dietgirl in a book soon? That’s like the best X-mas gift!! – I’m going to buy it for myself right away, I enjoy your writing so much and have trouble waiting patiently between posts πŸ™‚ Hope there’ll be a sequel (of a book) soon πŸ˜€

  10. Really sorry to hear about your pain. Can you believe I overdid it at work and had to have a disc replaced in my neck?–and I am only 29! Hopefully that won’t happen to you. I couldn’t believe how horrible nerve pain is. I couldn’t move and was screaming in pain for like 3 days before they finally gave me something to help (they really don’t like giving hardcore pain meds in Aus). And Congrats on helping to write the book, maybe you should write your own??

  11. Oh shoot! Poor poor sausage. Can you still have a wank? Lucky you arent a bloke! … heh

    The book sounds terrific! Would love to get myself a copy!

  12. Hey there DG! Are you ok? I miss you! This is just to wish you a happy Christmas with the SC and that 2005 will be a more settled year for you. A cheering story – one of my friends is married to an Iraqui, and he was just given a permanebt residency visa (for OZ)!! So miracles do happen. Hope everything works out for you too. Take care

  13. I have been thinking of you a lot. I hope things are just hectic and that you are fine :o) HAve a very merry christmas. Love and hugs!

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