And The Bride Wore Blubber

What a difference 24 hours makes! I finally have some news, groovers. He proposed this morning! I said yes! 

Can you believe it? I’m going to marry Bagpipes, as Airlie called him. Are you excited? I’M EXCITED. I wanted this so badly, it felt so right. The turning point for me was during SC’s Rawk Concert when I looked up at him and swooned and knew I never wanted to be with anyone else. But I never really told anyone that marriage was my desired outcome – as opposed to deportation or a work permit – coz I am always afraid if I say things out loud they will never happen!

Anyway, I am saying it now. Woohoo! It took SC a few more months to realise that was what he wanted too, and I have to tell you I have never been so happy in my entire life. Proposing to someone in bed at 2.02 AM is a little different, but to me it is perfect and I will never, ever forget it. The tone of his voice and the happiness when I said yes and the way my whole life just seemed to fall into place. I was so stunned and shocked and kept saying, "I’m so stunned and shocked!". He said to me so sweetly, "Well that’s what you get for being so nice to someone. For letting someone just be who they are and encouraging them and loving them. And for being a chick who likes MotoGP."

My eloquent response? "I’m so excited I could SPEW!"

Let’s get back to the fat for a moment. You may have guess what I’m going to say. That I am slightly annoyed with myself for not busting some lard last year and eating like a pork over Christmas, as I will be a rather dumpy bride on a budget. Not that we have made any plans yet, but I ain’t going to be looking my best! I have 11 weeks til my visa ends, so we’ll be getting hitched sometime before then – not much time for a miracle!

But you can’t turn back the clock, and as I said the other day, I don’t begrudge 2004 and all the fun I had instead of focusing on my weight. I never thought I would feel so relaxed about the whole thing, but I am just so happy that SC and I are going to stay together that the other issues pale into insignificance. I am sure I will scrub up reasonably well, somehow πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m so happy for you!!! I have tears in my eyes…this so great for you….he really loves you and I’m glad he realizes that….Are we all invited to the big Wedding? I think we all need to start saving…..Congrats girl…..This is so exciting…..

  2. OMG! I read all the time!-I dont personally know you-but I’m so happy for you! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m about to cry I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!! He is one lucky guy! This is just so fantastic and has completely made my day! Yippeee!!

  4. That is wonderful news! That just brought back all the feelings I had when my hubster proposed – you’ll be a beautiful bride…best wishes to you both!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! I have been reading dietgirl for ever and never commented… but how could I not today!! I am so happy for you, I was hoping this would be the outcome!! Woot!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

  6. Congratulations Dietgirl!! I’m sitting here getting all misty!! I knew if the Bagpipes had a shred of brain matter he would never let you go. I’m deliriously happy for you–keep us all up on the plans!!

  7. WOOHOO!!! Congratulations!

    I am dancing in my seat over here!

    YAY You!!!

    Wish I could be there to jump up and down with joy about this with you!

  8. P.S. Not ANOTHER WORD about your looks–your happiness is all anyone will be able to see anyhow. As an old bag married 20 years, I can tell you that the pounds will come and go but the love is what sticks around and gets you through.

  9. I am so happy for you. You and SC definitely have IT! I was hoping this would be the outcome! Congrats!

  10. You really weren’t kidding with the subject line of “very exciting news”, were you? Congrats, and when do we get to read your pregnancy journal (just kidding!)?

  11. Congrats! We got engaged a few weeks ago and I can just imagine how excited you are. I have been reading forever and have never posted, but your happiness is contagious and well-deserved! I am sure you will look beautiful on your day and I am so happy it all came together for you. Keep us all updated!

  12. DUDE!!!! I just totally EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!’ed right here at my desk! I’m another loyal reader who has never commented. I just had to say something, I am so thrilled for you both!!!

  13. Congratulations! I’ve been reading your journal for so long, and this is well worth delurking for! Best best best to you. – Mia

  14. I already posted on WNP but…

    CONGRATULATIONS, and brightest blessings to both of you.

    It is totally wierd, but I’m’ picturing you guys getting married in my parents’ garden in Edinburgh, since that’s how I always pictured ME getting married. It would be fitting too: they got married after dating for 4 months so my Mum could move to the UK with my Dad.

    Now you guys will have a similar inspiring love story to pass on to your putative sprogs!

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  16. Yippee!!!! Congrats to you both!! My boy & I are getting married in 15 weeks, and he loves me for being a MotoGP fan too :o) (We are going to Phillip Island to watch the MotoGP this October!! I’m more excited about that than the wedding!!!!)

    I’m so excited for you guys – this is the outcome that I have been waiting for :o) Hugs & Kisses to you both, and can’t wait to hear all your wedding plans!!!

  17. Wheeee! You’ll be a beautiful bride because you’re going to be grinning from ear to ear throughout the wedding, as will the SC. Congratulations and thanks for the wonderful reminder that being funny, brilliant, kind, clever, and joyful are more attractive than an anorexic figure!

  18. Another long-time reader who hasn’t commented til now. Your big news has made my day- I can’t imagine how happy YOU must feel! Congrats!

    I have been reading your site on and off for years. Nearly mailed you when i found out we shared 6 letters and pronounciation of our first names. But this has finally got me off my bum to write! I am really really happy for you and wish you all the best.

  20. congratulations
    Im so happy for the both of you
    and I think he is a very lucky man who will have you ads a bride

    and you will be a stunning bride, Im sure

  21. Rock on DG… congratulations and all that good stuff πŸ™‚

    And while I’m ecstatically happy for you, please please please start looking at the immigration side of things as well… because remember that government departments are lacking souls and will still happily separate married couples if the visas aren’t in order.

    But otherwise, loves ya babe. You deserve the good times.

  22. Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you, you’ve come so far since I first started reading a long time ago. Is your sister going to come back for the wedding?

  23. The is great news!! Just remember it doesn’t matter what size you are because your friends/family and your future husband will think you look amazing! Trust me πŸ™‚

  24. I also haven’t commented till now but I had to so that your news is so wonderful. I wish you both every happiness. And I know you will look beautiful.

  25. Everything has been said…
    but I just wanted to congratulate you and your SC!
    I hope you’ll have a great wedding day, and seeing as you both like travelling a wonderful honeymoon!! Go soon-to-be-married girl, go!



    I’m so happy for you, I’m sitting here crying! You deserve this so much. You are going to be such a beautiful bride.


  27. yay! bagpipes and dietroo are getting married. Now I can play bagpipes and didgeridoo and I can highland fling so if u need some wedding entertainment – this is definitely a good time for us to meet! I am so very happied for you! Nothing like a proposal to up the comments left – i might go propose to the frog!!!!hehehe! just joking – you must be over the moon!

  28. Congrats! At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading, just like you couldn’t believe what you were hearing… I said to myself, ‘is she SERIOUS?’ And then I realized it was true, whoo-hoo! πŸ™‚

  29. I am so happy for you!! πŸ™‚
    I have never commented to one of your posts before but have been reading for years.

    A big congratulations to you and your new fiance.
    I just celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary. I didn’t ever think I would get married. Then I lost 30kgs and I fell in love. Funny that!!

    Enjoy the best time of your life πŸ™‚

  30. Eeeeeee! So excited for the pair of you (and still a little verklempt – see my comment on the other blog).

    Speaking as a quickie immigration bride who was carrying excess poundage, I gotta say, you just don’t notice. I promise you don’t. You feel like the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth and nothing can touch you. You will be beautiful, I can promise you.

  31. OMG Shauna!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! THis were the most exciting news I ever heard (read) at 8 am!!!!!!!! This is brilliant!!!!! You will be a missus soon :)))!!!!! And a gorgeous bride too!!!!!!!!!

  32. I know I posted on your other blog but I’m STILL sitting here in disbelief, I am SO SO CHUFFED for you, really and truly so freakin EXCITED for you both!!! πŸ˜€ So, do tell, IS HE WEARING A KILT???

  33. geez, shauny, i am so very out of my mind happy for you. how amazing. how cool. how crikey. and i second everyone on your being a beautiful bride: it’s the happiness that makes someone beautiful on a wedding, not a fancy dress or a certain weight.


    so IS HE WEARING A KILT? will the mothership fly in?

  34. wet-my-pants excited for you. and don’t knock quickie weddings – ours was all I could have wished for and more. I’m certain you’ll have a fairytale day and a whirlwind 11-week countdown (ours was 9 weeks) you’ll be fine that’s plenty of time, after all, nowhere in a faiytale does it say and then the prince and princess spent three months choosing napkins and matching table decorations!

  35. thats really wonderful and all done in an unusually romantic way, congrats! you both deserve the best πŸ™‚

  36. Wow!!! I have followed your story from the beginning and I think you are an amazing person!! You inspire in so many ways. I am so very, very happy for the two of you. You deserve this moment – enjoy it!! I wish you and SC love, luck and happiness always!!

  37. DG and SC up a tree… K I S S I N G

    Congrats. I’m so happy for you. And now you can stay as well as being in love.



    What’s really errie is my current dh also proposed in the wee hours – luckily you were both awake. He tried to sneak the ring on my finger in the dark (not too brave huh?)

    I’m so happy you get to stay in land of haggis with your sweetie!

  39. (Grinning with delight) I’ve been on holidays & haven’t been reading your blog – what a lovley surprise!!! How wonderful for you!! Congratulations!! Ditto what everyone says about your weight – on your wedding day it will be the furthest thing from your mind, you’ll be so happy. Looking forward to photos πŸ™‚

  40. WOW! Congrats. I can’t believe I am comment # 57! You are going to be beautiful no matter what. I can’t wait to see some pics of that wedding!

  41. Many congrats! Married my Scot while facing immigration issues too and it’s the best thing I ever did. Reading your entry almost made me start greeting. So happy for you!

  42. I promise that I will write you back all proper-like, but I wanted to tell you that I am just THRILLED for you and I love you to pieces. WOO HOO!

    Marriage rules. Totally and completely.

  43. Congratulations!! As a fellow ‘used to be fat and continues to struggle with food, life and men in an australian, early 20s, sort of humourous way’ person, you are a real inspiration and give me a glimmer of hope.
    You really deserve this happy and I can’t believe how amazingly you and your journal have metamorphised (??). Anyway, I am going to stop being a complete toss at this point, but truly, congratulations!

  44. *Grinning in delight* Oh my goodness, I don’t log on for a couple of days and LOOK what I missed out on, the announcement of the year!


    Yes, I’m excited! I always hoped the quickie wedding would eventuate, heh. I’m over the moon for you, girl. You deserve this happiness.

    And stop talking about dumpy brides, you are going to be GORGEOUS.

    I’m so very VERY happy for you and the SC – wishing a lifetime of happiness for you both.

    Ok I’m going, before I get all sooked up πŸ™‚

  45. Wooohoo! Congrats congrats congrats! It’s not a miracle. Duh, you deserve a wonderful guy like this! And shit now you got me singing.. I believe in miracles, where you from! You SEXY THANG! I am so happy for you πŸ™‚

  46. Wooohoo! Congrats congrats congrats! It’s not a miracle. Duh, you deserve a wonderful guy like this! And shit now you got me singing.. I believe in miracles, where you from! You SEXY THANG! I am so happy for you πŸ™‚

  47. I am so happy for you – since we started our online weight loss journeys at the same time in Oz and both ended up in the UK, I’ve always felt a special affinity with you (not to mention that since I’ve piled lots of weight back on, we could keep going together!).

    This opens up both your worlds in lots of ways now, and takes off the pressure. Both of you sound like such special and individual people, that finding someone who fits is such an amazing reward worth taking all the risks for. Now that you’re sticking around in the UK, I’m more determined we should meet up some time! Have a lovely time preparing for the wedding and your marriage! Love the Mopster!

  48. Whoo hoo! Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. You’ll be a beautiful matter what. You are happy and that is all that matters!!!

  49. *grumbles about not being number 69*

    πŸ˜€ HEY! Shit a brick! Congratumalshions! Nothing better than mingling countrys I say!

  50. OMG.. here I am entry no 71?? how could I have been so slow to read the news????

    When you said to go to the other website… I was thinking – please let him propose… and YES, HE DID!! You see us canny Scotts know when they are on to a good thing. CONGRATULATIONS and as the others have said, you will be beautiful and … make him wear the kilt!!

  51. Just found your journal, Congratulations to you both…..

    (Now I need to go back and read a bit more about you)


  52. Its been a while since I have visited here but I just wanted to say congratulations on the awesome news and I am sure you will look stunning!!! I promise to be back more often…. just takes ages to get through everyone’s journals but what a network of friends we all have out in cyberland! Take care….

  53. Another “long-time reader yet to comment”

    Great news and CONRATS!!!! Am so pleased that someone who’s as inspiring and motivating as yourself gets what they deserve!

  54. Hooray! You will be beautiful and the big day will be great.Best of luck to you both!!!!!

  55. Oh WOW!- I knew this was coming πŸ™‚
    Just got back from holidays to this wonderful news! Tears in my eyes.
    As newly wed πŸ™‚ I can tell you marriage is wonderful!!!

  56. Wow, that is fabulous news chick. Stuff your weight – you’ve got a bloke who adores you as you are so you must look pretty fab to the outside world and lord knows those photos you post from time to time certainly show you look gorgeous as you are. Enjoy. Can’t wait to read more.

  57. Girlie!!!!! This is the very bestest news!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (And we neeed some good news right now, ya know?)

    May y’all live happily ever after!!!

    Yr devoted yank reader.

  58. Hi DG,
    Congratulations to you and bagpipes πŸ™‚ I had a feeling the big question would come one New Years… I wasn’t far off πŸ˜‰

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