Hello Sunshine

Anyone here from the Northern Hemisphere? Are you sick of winter too? I miss salads, mangoes and sunlight. My sister just got back from three weeks in Australia and all she could say was, "The food! The food! It's so light, so fresh. The FOOD!"

Here it is cold and dark and makes you want to curl up and snooze in a tub of mashed potatoes. I miss walking into Woolies at home and seeing row upon row of delicious summery foods. Like those bins full of mixed lettuce leaves that you just scoop into a bag. Instead of pre-washed plastic bags of leaves that are sprayed with pesticides and god knows what else so they stay "fresher" for longer. I miss weather that makes you crave light salads coz the sun stays around longer than 3pm.

I 'm just homesick for the fruit and veg.
. . .

It's taken me for-freakin-ever to post The New Year's Post. Excuses? Worked Xmas and Boxing Day. Slummed it at Chateau Scottish Companion from 27 – 31st. Worked New Years and January 2. Spent 3 and 4 helping my dear sister pack up her stuff for London. Today I finally returned to Normal Work so it's time to resume blogging duties!

Next week I will clock up four years on the Weightloss Caper. Woohoo! As I said in the last entry, this is going to be the final year of said caper. I've had e-bloody-nough of it, I want rid of the rest of the lard and I am willing to go hell for leather in 2005 just to get the bastard done.

Some specific goals:

  • Train for and run in a 5k this spring/summer. My reward shall be an iPod. Hmm. Better start saving.
  • Get serious about the weights. I tried on some dresses yesterday, and while overjoyed to find I can fit into stuff from Monsoon, I looked flabby as hell and I almost cried right there in the change rooms. SO, Three Pump classes a week OR two Pump classes and one lot of resistance exercises at home (squats, walking lunges, cavorting with the Swiss ball)
  • Reintroduce the Sugar Ban. It was working brilliantly until I was giving a box of shitty Celebrations chocolates by a colleague. I didn't think a inch-long miniature Bounty bar could do any harm, but as usual I didn't stop there and it turned into a good three weeks of stuffing my freaking face.
  • WRITE. Take this site seriously as a tool to help my weight loss. Write more about the tedious daily weight loss bullshit, just like in 2001 – The Golden Year – so this site can capture the changes and feed my motivation.

Things are still vague and unresolved re The Future, I wish I had some specific news for you. I have spent all day at work fielding questions. When one of my colleagues arrived today, he raced over to my desk, picked up my left hand and said in crushed tones, "Awww, man!". Another colleague brought me a bottle of freakin champagne, thinking surely I'd have something to celebrate by now. They are all fascinated by the soap opera-ness of my life right now, stopping short of placing bets on the outcome.

As soon as I know I will let them, and yourselves, know all about it. Until then I am hitting the gym like a mofo, because sitting around getting lardy isn't going to help anyone. I returned to Pump class yesterday and decided to maintain my weights despite not having been for four weeks. I am in agony today. Woohoo!

This entry is so dreary and I am sure the fatigue and extreme BLAHNESS is showing through. But the more I exercise and the better I eat, the more witty and fun I will become. Ha ha. So, please don't get bored and run away. I am fighting really hard to be optimistic and upbeat and not fall in a steaming pit of self pity. Mwahaha. So stick around, comrades.

20 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine

  1. well chicky! Here’s to another year of it. I am SO glad that u have vowed 2 write in here a lot more often because you truly r an inspiration to us. I still find it hard to believe how far you have come and that in 12 months you will be at goal weight and possibly married to “bagpipes”. How amaznig is that? I hope that we have a cyber wedding – I don’t want to miss seeing my dg in a white dress! ps – what do we call you after the journey has finished – dietgirl just suits you so much!!!!!

  2. I find shallow and superficial goals work best for me when faced with waning motivation. When boredom comes knockin’ or I just can’t get excited about a lower resting heart rate- working toward a killer looking ass or envisioning my husband looking at me with that gleam in his eye gives me the kick I need. Keep posting!

  3. Welcome back sugar. I’ve missed your updates. Ohhhhhh I get such a kick out of standing in the fruit and veg isles @ Woolies. I usually spend about 20-30 minutes just picking fruit and veg.

    As for sticking around and fighting through the ‘BLAHNESS’ – I’m not going anywhere.

    *pitches a tent*

  4. This is just a fantastic start for my day. It always is when I turn on my puter all sleepy still, and get an email about your update!You know you are the reason for the existence of my blog and I owe you lots! Mainly having made so many wonderful friends all over the world! Not a small thing huh? πŸ™‚

    Apparently I am not going anywhere either!

    I am still trying to fight the blahness (you make up such wonderful words me petal :)myself, but I have faith. In you. In myself. In all of us!!!!

  5. Hi DG,
    I’ve been stalking you silently (online) for a little while now, and just wanted to say it’s good to see you back πŸ™‚
    Hope it’s a good year for you.
    Lisa xxx

  6. tell me about the darkness *rme*. Im so tired of it but Im keeping my spirit up byt telling myself it has changed. It changed dec 22.

    Im going back to the gym today and going to have a new strategy too. Im going to go crazy on the beat- and rootvegies. As an alternative to the fresh sallads etc. Do them in the owen and enjoy what is around htis time of year

  7. DG nothing you write is ever ‘blah’, don’t you know by now that I live to read your posts? heh. Although you’re making me feel a bit guilty about how much I’ve been enjoying salads, mangoes, and sunlight…you poor thing, having to endure winter the way it is in your part of the world. But like Hanna said, the days are getting longer for you now, hang in there πŸ™‚

    Those are some damn fine goals you’ve got there girl, you’re going to kick some serious arse in 2005! Nothing like an i-pod to motivate us, heh.

  8. There’s some serious weight loss action going on in blog land this year – and so many of us saying this year will finish it! Yay to all of us!

    Woolies to me means pic’n’mix – not quite the same in the UK as Oz then???

  9. Jude – Woolies is a supermarket in Australia, and Big W is the equivalent of the UK Woolies. Hehe.

    Airlie – Married to the bagpipes, that is the funniest thing I’ve read in yonks! The ol bagpipes! I will have to use that.

    Cheers to youse all and happy new year!

  10. Yippee to more entries! I love your goals. I am totally with you. You can do anything. Look at all you have accomplished. DG you rock. I look forward to all your entries. This is the year of everyone!

  11. You know it’s winter when all of the heads and bags of lettuce (including all the premixed varieties except coleslaw–no wonder!), mushrooms, peppers, etc, are sold out at the grocery store and the staff are using pints of strawberries to fill the gaps. Somehow, $6 strawberries aren’t going to cut it when I’m looking to make a greek salad!

    You also know it’s winter when it’s -17 midday with windchill that makes it feel like -26.

    Hope it’s warmer where you are. πŸ™‚

  12. Re. fruit and veg. Go get yourself a handblender and then you can make yummy soups with all the boring winter vegetables. Honestly it’s amazing how delicious and creamy and yet light brocolli is when turned into soup (fry onion in olive oil, add broc, cover with water and bit of marigold stock powder, cook, blend, stir in yogurt and top with parmesan shavings). Also works with cauliflower – try adding spices or cheese and various root veggies. Frozen berries are also a life saver in winter.

  13. the year of everyone, hehe, sounds good to me ellen.

    j – -17!!?! you poor thing! it’s never that cold in Scotland, well not in the grand old stretch o’ time I’ve been here!

    ann – you’ve got me sold on the hand blender, was looking at one the other day and wondered if i’d ever use it, but anything to get me eating more veg has to be a good thing πŸ™‚

  14. Jumping for joy (for you! and your news!) has warmed me up considerably!

    Seriously, it’s that cold at the moment…and it’s not unusual for it to be -35 or so some mornings in Jan/Feb. But for all my complaints, I’m sure the real northerners I’ve got it good compared to them. πŸ™‚


  15. 1 – I meant that the real northerners *think* I’ve got it good…

    2/PS – If you’re going to register, make sure a handblender is on your list.


  16. hurrah another convert to handblenders – you don’t need an expensive one (unless it’s on the wedding list of course) mine was about Β£20 – but it is good to get one with the mini chopper attachement thing (sort of like a mini moulinex) – you can whip up lovely frozen yogurts then, with frozen berries, yoghurt and honey, or marinades for fish (my latest discovery)

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