Modus Operandi

A big hello to the anonymous person who emailled me re the last entry and told me to Get Over It and Move On.

Well, DERR! I did! That was the whole point of the entry! Here’s the sentence with the big clue: "I am SO over it, all that anxiety and stress and excuse-making. I ready to move forward." But it would have been a bit of a pointless entry if I had not explained to you what I was getting over in the first place.

As I also said in that entry, I’m back on track and this here new entry is about my plan of attack.

First thing I’ve decided to do what I did waaaay back in 2001 – weigh in weekly and post it on here. Put it in public every week, good or bad, instead of updating only every few weeks when I’ve had a decent result! Mwahaha. Some seriously accountability is needed. Since Wednesday was Back On Track day, that will become Weigh Day. I might even get myself a blow-up doll and dress it up like a Weight Watchers Weigh Lady, and teach it say, "You coulda peed half a pound", "Did you drink all your water?" or "Well maybe it’s coz muscle weighs more than fat" and other banalities.

Fitness wise, I am sticking with gym classes for the next six weeks or so. Soon I’ll be moving in with SC and away from my Fancy Gym, so I want to do all the Fancy Classes while I still can. I will have to take my pampered ass to the local council gym once I make the move, but I always knew I didn’t belong at such as posh place anyways. Och well.

Since this new gym won’t have as many interesting classes, I’ve come up with some new challenges for 2005.

  • After the wedding it’s back into the running and I’m going to do the Race for Life 5K in June. It’s for a good cause so this means I will have to guilt-trip myself into action.
  • Learn to ride that freaking mountain bike without crying like a big baby! Did I tell you about that last summer? I can’t find the entry/ SC tried to get me to have a go on his mountain bike and of course, I freaked out coz I hadn’t been on one since I was 11 and forgotten how. Rather, convinced myself I had. Made a huge deal about it and got self-conscious after pedaling three metres and cried. Long story. Anyway, I will learn to ride that damn bike come summertime.
  • Try SC’s kickboxing class that he’s been pestering me about for ages. It’s 90 minutes – the first half grueling cardio and strength work like skipping and press-ups, then you get into the sparring. It ain’t Body Combat – you get to kick and punch REAL PEOPLE. He says it is a grueling workout and really helps the ol fitness levels. I say kicking the crap out of each other once a week will help to iron out any tension in the relationship. I am scared coz he is quite fit and so are his friends, but the other part of me is curious and really loves to KICK!

If I can get these done in 2005, then 2006 will be about me learning to swim again, since I seem to have lost the ability to do more than swallow water and snort it out my nose when I try to do some laps. How the hell do you forget to swim? I guess I am the same moron who forgot how to ride a bike, so anything’s possible!

Anyway, the food. I am finding it much easier to eat well without my sister. My tastes are much simpler (okay, lazier) so I am making less complicated meals with fewer ingredients. I’m sticking to around 1500 cals per day, as recommended by Slimming magazine, but increasing that slightly (1750 or so) if the body sings FEED ME on an exercise day.

So today is Day 5 and I’ve handed some dicey situations really well. I had a good chat to SC and told him about my Hell For Leather approach and he’s been really great having healthy food at his place and coaxing me down from the ledge when I went into crazy sugar-withdrawals (mixed with PMS) on Day 2.

I’ll be back for Wednesday Weigh Day so stay tuned! How’s your week going?

23 thoughts on “Modus Operandi

  1. Other than the water in my basement/bedroom, everything is peachy! Last week was a write off (after a good week the week before, I was cranky and unmotivated last week), but I’m feeling pumped again. Reading about your plans and anticipating your success is reminding me to get back on track. So there. I’ll do my best to follow your lead.

  2. best of luck with your weigh in!

    you sound like you are totally on top of everything right now, you go girl πŸ™‚

  3. I’m doing OK, thanks for asking πŸ™‚

    I have gained about 1.5kg in the last week, so I’ve got some serious work to do to get it off. *sigh*

    Why is it so easy to go over by 1000cals a day, but impossible to be under by that much? πŸ˜›

  4. I’m well, thanks for asking, in a bit of a mojo-free zone but faking it as far as poss…but this is about you, not me LOL
    Re: race for life – enter as soon as the entries open. Once you’ve put your cash down you have to train, becuase that race date will not get any further away. That’s what I do anyway. And I tell everyone I’m going in it so I can’t wimp out. Looking forward to more of your great diary in 2005

  5. I am in awe of you for doing that kickboxing class! It sounds way too tough for me, so I’ll look forward to hearing how you go. Also, re: the bike, mountain bikes are really much more comfy rides than regular bikes, so I’m sure you’ll like it once you get used to it. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Dietgirl-

    Glad to see you are back in the saddle. I am looking forward to Wednesday with eager anticipation. As for your plan, good show! Also, way to go on your SC helping with plan. He is a peach!

  7. I’m devouring inspiration from the people I read, because the inspiration fairy seemed to have skipped my place for a bit.

    But your plan sounds good and you sound pumped about this. Yay for your boy talking you off the ledge!

  8. Well, my week was going pretty blah until just this minute, when my new iPod just landed on my desk. Weehee, new toys! πŸ™‚

    Your plan sounds great! I wish I was game enough to enter a 5K run in June – at the rate I’m going, I think by June maybe I’ll be able to manage 2K hehehe.

    Here’s to Weighing in on Wednesdays! (I do too)

  9. oooooo the mighty is really back! Come on darling…show us the way!!! And you’re gonna looove kickboxing sooooo much!!!

  10. I’m doing really well thanks DG! Actually I’m doing a 1 month “challenge” and so far so very good – 2 kilos off as off this morning and two weeks to go. It won’t stop there but its just to kick start myself back into it. I’ll certainly be looking forward to your weekly weighins an its a great idea to go public again with them – that’s what I have done too.

  11. I am fine thanks, BP up a bit but otherwise toddling along. Eating rather well and drinking shitloads of water with lemon juice. And eating Alfalfa every day. You are good to get back on track and now I will have to log in every week to see how you are doing.


  12. Awww, you have pet Trolls. That’s so cute.

    And the whole bike thing I understand. But I never learnt to ride one in the first place, so hence my sympathies…. but forgetting how to swim.? You’ve obviously been away from Aus too long woman.

    Go to the kickboxing class with the SC then make him come swimming with you (motivation – you can always practise the breaststroke at home πŸ˜‰

  13. I’m in my exam period: I’m home 24/7, surrounded by food, nervous, sometimes on the verge of crying, I live in cold and rainy Belgium, i’m wallowing in self pity, and this is going to last another 3 weeks…How do you think i’m doing?
    But I’m going to have a swim now, maybe that’ll help. Good luck on wednesday (it’s my weigh in day too)

  14. I know I don’t comment nearly as much as I should and I really need to change that. Starting now.

    What a GREAT plan! One that is going to kick some major butt, too. I look forward to following your progress, as always. Only this time I will participate a little more. πŸ™‚

    This week was off to a bumpy start for me, but I’m going to smooth it out. Starting today. Because today is a NEW day. I love new days.

  15. I didn’t forget how to ride a bike or swim but somehow, with age, I am became deathly afraid of these two. When I ride a bike I cling onto the handle bars hoping some car won’t come and knock me over. As for the swimming, I was swimming last year, but I can’t stick my head under water. I’m afraid I’ll forget to come back up for air. πŸ™ Anyway, best of luck. I know you can do it!

  16. don’t ask about my week (grr stoopid WW grrr).

    Get on that bike, DG! First time I cycled in years (on hired bikes, on holiday, on wrong side of road eep) I was terrified and crap and wobbly. Soon got the hang of it, tho. Came home, bought bike, love bike. It’s a great way of getting round, plus you can feel all smug about how green you are and how fit you’re getting, as you sail down the cycle lanes overtaking all the car drivers stuck in traffic hah.

  17. all sounds very good! especially kicking the crap out of eachother at a class… its certainly better (more fun & cheaper) than therapy πŸ™‚ have fun and work that plan!!

  18. I made the commitment to comment on the sites I get motivation from at least once or twice a week. It makes me feel part of at “weightloss community”…

    You are doing awesome. Sounds like your fiance is a huge support. Good on ya!

  19. Hooray for back-on-track-ness. My week…is overcast by the impending return of my boss, and I’m just hoping I’ve done a good job of “being in charge” while she’s been galavanting around Ethiopia being a paragon of fund-raising and AIDS-awareness.

    BUT I’m not letting it turn me to the chocolate for comfort.

    Kick boxing will be FUN, but HARD work. I did karate for a while, and my man ended up joing the class too because it sounded so fun. Unfortunately we didn’t get to spar much, since the instructor avoided pairing us, knowing we were a couple and all.

  20. I’m doing fan-bloody-tastic!! The weight loss fairy came & stripped me of 2kg this week leaving me with a measly 0.8kg to get to WW goal!!!! YAY!!!!!

    There’s also a brand-spanking new Yamaha R1 parked in our garage. Very sleek, sexy & black! What more could a girl want!!!!

    I’ll be the girl at the MotoGP – the skinny, skanky one showing off my navel ring in my Valentino Rossi shirt :o)

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