Bloody hell, life is moving so quick at the moment. Four weeks from today I will be Mrs Scottish Companion. March 3 is the big day, mark it in yer diaries, kids! I guess that means I should hurry up and find something to wear.

Anyway, apologies for yesterday’s hasty entry. I usually write my entries at work and post them when I get home, but work has been too crazy for that. So instead of a nice coherent entry you’re stuck with random ramblings!

I was pretty happy with the 0.6 kg lost last week, but I need to be careful on the weekends. I did my very last shift of my shitty second job on Saturday, and had a few chocolate digestive biscuits and other rubbish, my reasoning being, "I’ll never be here again with these FREE COOKIES!". By Saturday night I had no energy and a throbbing headache. It’s amazing how quickly bad food makes me feel bad. I got right back on track though, which is progress.

There is so much change going on at the moment my head is swimming. There’s the whole marriage thing and before that the moving house thing, the finding a frock thing. Then the applying for the visa thing. All in the next month. But as sad as this is going to sound, the change I am most flustered about is the Gym Change. I got hold of the timetable for the Council gym near SC’s place and it’s alright I spose. It’s just not the smorgasbord of classes I’ve been spoiled with at my current place. I could go on any day or night and there’d always be something on. If I missed Pump on one night, rest assured there’s be another in a day or so. With this place there’s only two Pumps I could make, one Body Combat and one Body Balance per week. And no Body Jam.

Waaaah! My current gym is great coz the classes are scheduled so you can do a cardio class followed by Pump, or vice versa, so you can get in a great cardio and weight training session in one visit to the gym. As I’ve said before, I thrive on being told what to do – in the exercise sense. I like the classes because they push me to my limit, whereas on my own doing running or some cardio machine I often get bored or lazy.

Looks like I will have to get over that if I want to get fit. Let’s look at this as an opportunity to shake up the routine and push myself harder without the use of a shouty instructor. But if anyone wants to buy me a PERSONAL TRAINER for a wedding gift, knock yourself out! People keep asking us about gift registers but we don’t need towels or ice buckets or casserole dishes. Hehe.

How’re you all doing?

14 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Ugh, I feel your pain (or at least confusion). It’s so easy to let things slip when you have the be disciplined all on your own. Structure can make such a difference.

    On a similar sort of note, when my favourite WW leader finished up and the new, crappy one started, my motiviation spiralled down, simply because I’d lost the structure and reassurance of the familiar (and the good!). So prepare yourself to have to take on more responsibility and focus on your discipline once you make the change to SC’s gym.

    Well done on the weight loss and high pitched noises of excitement because the wedding is so close!

  2. Eeeee, so excited! Best of luck to you.

    Also – I recently came to England for a study abroad semester, and you were totally right about the supermarket problems. Everything’s so expensive! I just can’t handle it. And lots of things packaged beyond all recognition.

    On the bright side, I now have a three-mile walk – up a really steep hill one way – to do every day for school. So hopefully that’ll help!

  3. Hey lady! Would love to meet up in October! That would be really cool πŸ˜€

    March 3 hey? My anniversary is March 2. Lovely time of year down this way, not sure about over there though, heh.

    I’m with you on the gym. The reason I chose my gym is because of the quantity and variety of classes, if I miss something there’s usually something else I can do, even on the same day (although I sometimes use it as an excuse as well ‘Oh bugger, I missed Pump, now I’ll have to wait till tomorrow’ hahaha)

  4. yay a date set!

    some friends of mine, who didn’t need towels or casseroles, instead made their wedding buffet the gift list! Everyone was asked to make or buy a dish from their list. It was a really nice idea, I thought.

  5. i know it sounds like so much to do, but how exciting. I truly hope the next month runs smoothly and your wedding is everything you dream of πŸ™‚

  6. Hello Gorgeous – whee the Big Day is so close! How can you go on the everyday life without exploding…I guess there’s no other option /lol/ Thanks for keeping us updated even if things are crazy πŸ™‚

  7. and me too and me too
    I also want a PT!! *S’

    congratulations to the weight loss you are doing great, impressing

  8. My anniversary is March 1st! Went through the whole stress of marrying a foreigner in a strange land too (England). You have to add more wedding-type presents to your Amazon wish list, they’re all getting snapped up. You’ve entertained me for years now, even though you don’t know me, I almost feel like you’re a friend in a sad, pathetic, internet sort of way πŸ˜‰

  9. Congratulations and salutations…

    Breath deep. The whirlwind will be over soon.

    Is ‘Bagpipes’ excited? (LOL, Airlie I love it!)

    *marks March 3 down in my diary*

    Good luck with your wedding dress search!

  10. Congrats on getting back on track with the eating/exercise. I’ve had a slow period since the end of November and that has been frustrating but I know the reason is that I’ve slacked off and started buying things like Gu chocolate puddings and Mini creme eggs. I’m trying to get back onto it now. I went to an extra Body combat class this week and it was great because it was a different instructor and I got different things out of it that time.

    Anyway, I have sent you the Vegetarian Cookbook from your wish list as a kind of Wedding gift. It looked nice. Now you and SC can try some new yummy recipes.

  11. I understand the disinclination toward the registry but c’mon and live a little! This is one time in your life when people WANT to give you stuff. I went all out and outfitted my entire kitchen with all the gadgets I ever dreamed of owning…Pick your passion then register all the stuff related to it!!!

    Of course, the free gift cards to the local shops also came in very handy during my move.

    I know one crowd that would love to see your online registry!

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