So Many Bodies

Just dandy, my period arrived last night so now I will head off to London all grumpy, bloated and full of loathing. Just perfect for a grueling weekend of frock shopping!

Oh well. I am determined to remain calm. Thanks for you all your suggestions by the way! As my sister said, it is going to be a Try-On-athon, I will just have to keep going until something works. I’m not altogether too worried. If I don’t find the perfect dress this time around, I’ll get something fancier for the Oz wedding in October! That’s the beauty of having your families scattered all over the planet – you get to have two weddings WITHOUT having to find two different husbands!

I am just BUSTING to get the altar. I’m so much more focused on that than the dress stuff. I just want to get the ring on my finger, I am dead excited about that. I can’t believe I get to marry him! I know we’ll have a blast together. I am so relived and freakin happy that he wants to do this, that he thinks we’re worth all this trouble. I get all teary just thinking about it. He is just such a sweet, lovable dork; he has a way of phrasing things that makes me laugh til my guts hurt. I love it when I stagger in from the gym all red-faced and stinky, he’ll give me a hug and kiss regardless and say, "How was the Body? Which Body was it today?" And I’ll say if it was Body Pump, Combat or Jam, and he’ll always say, "Oh yeah. So many different Bodies, I can’t keep up."

. . .

There is a book currently screaming up the UK bestseller charts called I CAN MAKE YOU THIN, by hypnotist Paul McKenna. From the gushing customer reviews on Amazon it sounds like the advice in the book is perfectly sensible, nothing new at all, but could the title be anymore stupid? But it’s selling like hotcakes, so I guess people are walking by and seeing that title and saying, "CAN YOU? Can you really make me thin? COOL!" and then buy the book. Oh well.

Have a good weekend, groovers!

14 thoughts on “So Many Bodies

  1. HA! I get to comment first;)

    First you are to be blamed for the running mascara in my cheecks. Cos I am such a sook like this and get all teary reading about your love. Take it from me, this is the most precious thing you have in life. A partner who makes you laugh, who is sweet and giving, and who is good on the sack too! (I know he is, you are a scorpio, you wouldn’t have it otherwise…hehe)

    And I am so looking forward to read monday’s post about how you found the perfect dress in the 4th shop you enetered and then you spend the rest of your day buying exfoliating goodies.

    You are amazing dg, and I have to tell you I love you!

  2. Good luck with the frock-a-thon. Please tell us all about it, I have a feeling I’m going to go through the same stuff except you know, I won’t be as groovy and cool as you.

  3. if the “frock-a-thon” is what you’re calling it when you go all day to get your wedding dress; I have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be calling your first night on honeymoon!!

  4. Eeeee! It’s all so exciting! Fingers crossed the frock-a-thon turns up something that makes you look and feel as fabulous as you sound!

    ‘I Can Make You Thin’? Er, no, you can’t. I can make ME thin, but no one can do it for me and if anyone thinks that someone else can do it for them, they are fooling themselves.

  5. Ohhhhhh….. that was such an incredible entry!! Many girls and just centered around the dress and the wedding and forget the poor bloke but no not our DG… she’s in LOVE.. and don’t we all love it too!!

  6. Good luck with the frockathon, and do tell me if you find anything that wasn’t sleeveless, as I need to know that kind of thing myself! Your last entry on The Frock struck a lot of chords. So far I think EVERY DRESS looks identical (corset-style, strapless)… and boring. So I hope something wonderful just jumps out at you, and you have a lovely time with Rhi.

    As for your lovely boy… aaahhh.

    (My own thoughts about weddings at the moment are twisted mostly by illogical annoyance that good ol’ Chas and Milly have hijacked my future wedding date! I don’t _really_ want to see retrospectives of their wedding in the papers on our anniversary in future years… Ach well.)

  7. DG – there are only 5 items on your wish list. Surely you want to give us a better choice! Go fake shopping and have AT LEAST 25 items.

  8. what the hell is a leapster?

    julia – there are like 30 things on the wish list! i thought that was heeeeaaaps of choice!!!

  9. So many Bodies, so little time, heh.

    Your boy sounds just as cute as you DG, it’s a match made in heaven. Or Scotland. Whatever πŸ™‚

    Have fun in London with Rhi and with your Try-On-A-Thon! I’m sure you’ll find something perfect.

  10. Your boy sounds just as wonderful as you deserve πŸ™‚
    I’m sure you’ll stumble upon something just perfect to wear, and as you say, there’s always October.
    I read your post a day or so ago, so when I was in a bookshop yesterday I noticed the food/diet section – a WHOLE shelf! (including I can make you thin). So many books making so many promises. I felt sad b/c so many people are sucked in to thinking there’s an easy, quick way to lose. We all know that there’s a simple way – sensible food, water, exercise – but it’s not easy. In Melbourne there’s a new billboard campaign attacking fad diets, eg “I gained all the weight back and kept it on, thanks to fad diets” – a very good idea.
    Anyway, looking forward to hearing about the ‘frock-a-thon’

  11. Fab to hear about the dress. I’m looking forward to the wedding pics!

    I hear what you are saying about the McKenna book but I am quite open-minded about hypnotherapy. I don’t think it has magical qualities or anything but our minds are powerful things and if someone can help us believe we can lose weight (or stop smoking or be confident or whatever) then that makes our own struggle a much easier one. I am doing okay on my own but I am quite tempted to try this in the hope that it will make the difficult periods less difficult. (But I’ll wait until it’s cheap in a sale rather than pay the RRP.) One time when I was off work sick I saw Paul McKenna on This Morning and in the space of an hour he had helped a guy who couldn’t even talk to his wife without stammering to the point where he could read a speech on TV. As I say – I don’t think this is a miracle cure or anything but I do think hypnotherapy can help to focus the mind and make your own journey easier.

  12. Um, the 4th item on your list is Leapster software. The Incredibles, I believe. Leapster is an educational computer-like tool for kids.

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