Domestic Bliss

Today I went CRAZY in SC’s kitchen. Or should I say Our Kitchen. It was time to blend my array of kitchen shite with his. I took things out of cupboards, ruthlessly chucked out anything I’d not seen him use in the past six months, wiped and scrubbed and polished. He kept offering to help but, at the risk of sounding like my mother, it was quicker to do it myself πŸ˜‰ So now the cupboards are all organised logically, instead of in his freestylin’ bachelor way. My endless bags of lentils and brown rice and quinoa and seeds are finally nestled all cosy with his Spaghetti Hoops. And our spice racks are now one! You have never seen so much bloody cumin in your life. It’s one of those things that seems to breed.

Everyone’s been teasing me and SC that I would Take Over the flat as soon as I moved in and make great sweeping changes. People seem to forget how fundamentally lazy I am – I couldn’t be arsed redecorating. But the kitchen is one place I like a bit of order, especially after sharing a kitchen with six others for the past two years! Now everything has a place and my seeds and oats are all packed in their wee containers ready for this weeks’ breakfasts, therefore I feel ready to face the world!

Things have been happening on the exercise front. Last Sunday in addition to the Couch to 5k Run, SC took me out for another bike lesson. I was a reluctant student, on the verge of a tantrum. I always talk about how I’d like to get into cycling, but every time he takes me out I freeze up and get panicky. But SC was persistent, and before long I was hurtling along the cycle path, changing gears and everything! The last bike I rode had pink streamers coming from the handlebars and a basket on the front! It was utterly terrifying, I couldn’t steer straight for the life of me. I was so embarrassed I’d stop every time I could see someone coming. But after awhile I pedalled on, and was passed by a family on tandems. The mother smiled sympathetically and said, "They’re hard to control, these contraptions, aren’t they?"

I was so bloody mortified, but oh well. You gotta start somewhere! In the end I did about three miles until my arse got numb. SC walked along in the background, then I pedalled back to the start of the cycle path and sat on a tree stump and waited for him to get back.

"What did you think of that?" he asked.

"Oh yeah. Not bad I spose."

So we’ve kept up with the running. Getting outside is the hardest part. Lots of whining and moaning before finally getting the shoes on, "FINE! Alright! I’ll go!". Saturday I was on my own and managed to run a whole freaking mile! Huzzah! My personal record. How the hell to marathon folk run 26 of them!?

Today was pouring rain all day long and I was looking for any excuse to stay on the couch, but we got the waterproof jackets on and trotted out. It was walk 2 minutes, run 1.5 minutes, times six as per the Couch to 5k, then some more walking at the end. It was so weird but I really liked running in the rain! The park was deserted and the rain was light and steady and I felt so much stronger than last week. You could almost say I enjoyed it! I can’t believe it either.

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  1. Hi! I’ve been starting to run too, I can do a whole 400m in one go now! How fantastic that you can run a whole mile. I was one of those kids who always had an excuse to get out of PE, and if ever anyone tried to make me run I would laugh and stroll away. But now, I go outside to run ON PURPOSE. Yay us! Oh, and the other (belated) congratulations: Goood on you Mrs Companion!

  2. Woohoo a mile! next time just do a bit more, and a bit more, and before you know it you’ll be doing 5K. Did you know that the first 10min of running is the worst – once you make it to 10min your body adjusts somehow and you can just keep going? I never knew that until I tried it myself by accident. I wish someone had told me that all those times I gave up before I made it to 10min, heh.

    I hate running in the rain because my shoes are the fancy breathable mesh running kind and not very waterproof and I hate my feet getting wet. If that isn’t the worst excuse ever, I don’t know what is πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats on the wedding luvie. Am only just catching up with your news now. Well done on the fabo losses too!

  4. Woohoo on running a whole mile! I’ve been working on a walking marathon program, and all of a sudden, my body wanted to run instead. I was too shocked to tell it no πŸ™‚

    Also congrats on getting the kitchen in order. After seeing my bf’s kitchen, I can guess it was no small task!

  5. Yay! You rode a bike!

    Seriously sister, I reckon you’ll love it in no time. It took me a week of waddling like a cowgirl before my ‘bike crotch’ was used to it.


    3 cheers for cumin!

  6. Re: the biking – you might want to go to a bike shop and try out a few different ones. A few years ago, when I was a student in NZ, I decided to get a bike to get fit and save on bus fares. The last bike I had had in my teens was a 10 speed and I bought one of those through the 2nd hand paper but it frightened the hell out of me. I felt unsteady and wasn’t sure I could stop in a hurry if I needed to. After petrifying myself half a dozen times, I resold it through the same paper.
    When I got to London, a fitness freak friend convinced me to try again and he took me to the bike shop he uses. It’s a little one (not a chain) where the owner really knows his stuff. They found me a ‘hybrid’ – lighter than a mountain bike but with the same wider tyres for steadyness. Great for commuting – although I live too far from work to consider that – at least until I get super fit. He also found me a saddle which has both springs and is wide with gel padded bits so my ass never hurt – even the first time I rode it. I love my bike and can’t believe I was ever scared!
    The saddle thing is important. I have started doing RPM classes at the gym (4th one on Monday) and the racing saddles on those bikes are so unbelieveably painful. The pointy bit digs into my pubic bone. Ouch! I can’t see how I’ll ever get used to it. But I feel so satified when I leave the room looking as though I’ve had a shower with my clothes on so I’ll persevere with the classes and put up with the discomfort.

  7. I never realised people couldnt bike? I guess it is cause Ive always been biking but when I read about your tries I realise it must be so hard to learn. When I learned as a kid it was like 2 feet up from the ground bur for you it must be pretty high.

    One thing Ive been wondering about is if you dont like living so far out why didnt you decide on getting a new place closer to the city as a compromise when you got married? Why did you have to move all the way out there? Just something Ive been thinking about. Even though you know seem to get adjusted to it *s*

  8. Long time lurker, but I am delurking to show my appreciation for the cumin situation. When I moved in with my husband, I had to rearrange the kitchen as well (there were bowls in three different places! And baking goods next to pasta! It was a bloody nightmare). Anyhoo, at the end of the day we somehow managed to accumulate FOUR jars of cumin. From two people! It was topped only by the cinnamon–also a breeder spice. Five jars of cinnamon in the cupboard. We have been married almost two years, and I’m finally down to one of each. It’s a miracle.

  9. Man, the worst thing about bike riding apart from the sore bum is the little kids that go whizzing passed. But then I figure it’s easy for them, they don’t have as far to fall.

  10. Hooray for kitchen-melding. When we moved in together we both moved into a new flat, starting from scratch. I unpacked the kitchen, it was thyme and oregano that bred, that and cling wrap and foil. This weekend marked our final reduction to ONE roll of kitchen foil, after nearly two years of living together!

    I second the gel-padded saddle suggestion. I got a loverly one from the Edinburgh Cycle Shop, it’s an independant place overlooking The Meadows, I can’t remember the street name though. Is your man into riding lumpy trails? As in REAL mountainbiking? On mountains? My guy keeps telling me we have to go ride our bikes on lumpy rocky muddy STEEP trails, and doesn’t quite follow my response of utter horror and fear of death.

    Keep up the good work DG.

  11. Hi,
    I just started following your blog, full of admiration for sticking to targets and routines.
    I have, after many years of mysteriously growing out of all my clothes, decided to run the Bristol Half Marathon this year as a way of getting fit and losing the bulk. As a guy, it seemed like a suitably macho thing to do, we now have a running group, loosely called the Fat Bastard Running Club, and we’re all plodding on quite well. If you’re at all interested (shameless self-promotion) it is the subject of the blog I have just started here: You’re so right about the kitchen thing by the way.

  12. Heh, love your kitchen organisation. The boy doesn’t have a choice in how the kitchen is set up. It’s my way or the highway, baby!

    Go you on the training. Conquering fears, running in the rain, you are a training MACHINE! Well done!

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